Abantwana bayadlala…

Nelson Mandela

Daar is die aasvoëls, Makaziwe…

Ze dragen camera’s en microfoons, en houden van spektakel.

En wat wegen daartegen de wensen van een man, zelfs één zoals je vader  ?

Kijk… luister… Ze zijn hem levend aan het begraven. Waardevol het vuurwerk afwachtend, uit respect !

You asked them (us) to leave you in peace, but their definition of that word is not yours, nor mine, not even his, it seems…

Prisoner, president, Prime African from the South, has he ever been a man, that father of yours ?

No, he has not, for he is a Man, a man who shined and never backed down.

It is his shining they’re all after, because they know they’ll never be.

Sommiges wil hom gebruik; sommiges wil deur hom gebruik word… You know the song.

Watch them all rise now, hear them say his name, all the National Congressmen, the Marikana  Kampführer, who perverted hid ideals.

They are into power now, whereas power was in him !

¡ La revolución vencerá ! Remember ?…

Ah ça, l’Afrique ne serait pas entrée dans l’histoire ?!

Mais regardez, regardez donc, malotrus !

Pas d’Histoire sans Afrique !

L’Afrique sans murs, et du fric pour tous !…

He had a dream, that man, and as his flame slowly fades, it will reappear as one million little light bulbs illuminating the minds of the poor.

Because they hold the future, in His name !!!…

Madiba, sikelel’ iAfrika…

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