Let’s face it, folks : there’s a huge probability the US will have to deal with a new terrorist attack in the near future. Not another Boston bombing, no. However repugnantly silly that cowardly act was, it seems to have been nothing more than the ridiculous expression of Hollywood-influenced teenage pruritus in the land of the free. What we’re talking about has to be understood in a much bigger perspective. But “we wanna be very clear” : on the one hand, we’re not stating the obvious on behalf of any agency, least of all those who are used to dispatching false threats in order to gain in respectability during trying times, and on the other hand, we don’t want that ! However, we do not have the capacity to hold back an anger that has been building up for decades and needs to find an outlet one way or another.

The reason why this anger has been building up is simple : as anyone with an ounce of reason will tell you, it is mainly due to the fact the US, as an institution, have been carrying for almost a century the most commonplace virus known to mankind, now slowly but surely affecting its own citizens as well : the pathetic yet constant inability to mind their own business ! Don’t understand us wrong : our immediate forefathers were glad the American allies helped getting rid of the nazi scum. But they would probably have liked it even better had they not emerged in the first place, had powerful vested US interests not financed the Reich’s rise to contain the red menace, reaping the large financial advantages of reconstruction in the aftermath of the latest (and hopefully last) European bloodbath, and subtly colonizing the free part of Europe, that which was located west of the Berlin wall, through remote techniques the Paperclip nazi scientists they had welcomed with open arms helped them develop.

Overthrowing governments, often democratically elected ones, if they could not be blackmailed, staging military coups, assisting ethnocides in the most various countries : it seems since then nothing was to inhumane to the Empire to fulfill its self-assigned mission of expanding the circle of influence of said vested interests, the same that use “unusually complex series of transactions indicative of layering activity involving multiple accounts, banks, parties or jurisdictions”. If anything, for nations and relatives of people who were victimized by the Empire to manifest “fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the US” is justified. Although the concrete planning of 9/11 still remains a bit of a cloud, declassified material about US involvement – the latter word being of course a euphemism – in establishing military dictatorships in Latin America have proven beyond reasonable doubt that, rather than branding the advocates of “conspiracy theories about Westerners” madmen, one ought to seriously consider the shadow of the possibility that the loonies have taken over the asylum, and have been running it for a while now…

In no way do we hereby purport to “excus[e] violence against Americans on the grounds that American actions provoked the problem” (1). We are merely invoking karma. If, as Justin sings, “what goes around comes around”, if, as Brad is currently experiencing, the just deeds of the few are indeed being used against them, there is no objective reason why the repeated wrongdoings of another set of few should not precipitate their downfall… once and for all, considering the amplitude of their sadism. Such is the butterfly’s paradigm.

An all too quick reaction would lead us to think it is not devoid of sadism itself. But that would imply considering balance and justice express feelings whereas, as any awaken adult should know and any crooked lawyer could tell you, they are but blind instruments in a vicious circle. That circle is the one of pseudo-civilized savagery, the one of self against the others, the one of competition to death, the one of destruction, the one of domination, so often – if not always – glorified by the decadent US image culture. But if, as it was claimed, the Afghan rebels are used to hiding inside the abrupt cocoons provided to them by the often undetectable crevices splitting the rocky mountains that are so typical of their landscapes, and if obviously no rat remains in its rat hole when it is being fumed, hoping to forever cage the masses from the industrialized countries in a contemporary (totalitarian) version of the ancient cave, despite the growing social awareness, is a vain pretention. Already, the architecture is cracking under the pressure of the relentless and accelerating accumulation of meaningless images.

Yet, we should not be mistaken, and refrain we should from interpreting the numerous signs of decay and the crisis as a whole as being part of a movement in which the vested interests play no role. The vested interests are anything but spectators. When a group of people are so wealthy they could choose to lead a thousand lives doing strictly nothing, they can also use that time, the time the labor of others grants them, to look ahead, thinking of themselves as builders. The vested interests forge, which, in the long run, made forgers out of them, as their preferred currency would now be worth peanuts if it weren’t supported by the rest of the world, their best enemies the Saudis and the Chinese in the lead. But this is besides the point. What matters is that those among us who have awakened and have, against all odds, managed to resist the countless sirens inviting us to go back to sleep are now watching the gloomy silhouette of the hideous fortress wrapped up in layers of fog at the top of which the builders are staring at the horizon…

For all these reasons, one should ask oneself : “cui bono ?” To paraphrase, what could a reconfiguration of the Empire lead to ? What could be its new shape ? What part are the lambdas expected to play in such a strategy ? And, first and foremost, who benefits from it ? Who, for instance, would benefit from a resurgence of an evil chaos whereby the people would openly turn against each other, forgetting those who are responsible for the mess we’re in ?

Too easily are we inclined to think capitalism has come to an end. Indeed, hasn’t Schumpeter taught us destroying itself and rising from its ashes over and over again was its very essence ? How else could we have evolved from Adam Smith to fordism to Keynes to Adam Smith (again) to Friedman, and beyond ? Besides mimicking the phoenix, capitalism manifests an undeniable proclivity towards pushing the limits. Some, both at the right and the so-called left end of the ever tightening political spectrum, might argue the system we now live is not even remotely capitalistic anymore. We hear their argument, but it fails to recognize the very nature of humanity, at least since the Cro-Magnons took over from the Neanderthals, dominion (thus private property) from cheerful homelessness, homo sapiens (the second word originating from the Latin word sapientia, which is the equivalent of the Greek sophia, meaning ‘wisdom’), only being, after all, ironic at best, oxymoronic at worst.

Cro-Magnon, a builder as well, was, so to write, the inventor of proprietary capitalism. The extinction of Neanderthal, whether due to interbreeding or massacre, is indicative of who we now are and explanatory of what human really means : wanting more, particularly –if not exclusively – for oneself. Nowadays, Neanderthal is a mock word, mostly referring to someone or some group one considers backward, primitive (in the pejorative meaning of the word), or even idiotic. It shouldn’t be, unless of course we regard Native Americans, Australian Aboriginals or Roma people as inferior beings.

Was communism an attempt at reviving the Neanderthal ? It certainly wasn’t, at least not as far as the USSR was concerned, since their whole system was relying on hierarchic subordination, and rewarding its obedient upper-class with financial privileges, Soviet-style limos and cozy seaside villas, also known as dachas. It was, however, if one considers the attempt of the Spanish anarchists at building a fraternal, egalitarian and sustainable society, during the first half of the XXth century, which failed only because it was crushed by a combination of fascist and Stalinist forces, both, for the first time – it wouldn’t be the last – acting as each other’s objective allies in demonstrating once more, through force, mankind is bound to be chained by and to higher command. Once again, Neanderthal, whose brain – for those who didn’t know him – was as big as ours today, was violently wiped off the face of the Earth…

Is this to say private property is evil ? We wouldn’t dare : everyone should own one’s own place “to warm [one’s] bones beside the fire”, as the song says. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re a Stalinist and you believe some higher authority, some sort of royal communist court, should decide what’s best for you and what you are entitled to receive. After all, the Ingalls spouses were more than decent people, weren’t they ? Then again, from Harriet Oleson to Dallas’ JR, there is but one step…

It is because of the JR’s of this world – because of the corporations, if you prefer, whether they favor investing in oil or in any other commodity – millions of Americans, as well as numerous Greeks and Spaniards in their wake, were brought back to the condition of the Neanderthals against their will. There is enough for everybody, unless you abide by the American principle of always wanting more power over other people, as well as more goods, which ultimately leads to private monopolies. The American dream is fake because it’s materialistic, based on things. No other dream is ! And though jealousy and envy are certainly some of the factors that could explain the discontent of the masses, most of the people only aspire to the decent life the royal financial court is not willing to grant them. Their dreams, though repressed by the machine, are genuine !

What is the machine, by the way ? Is It some sort of matrix invisibly connecting all of us – even the wealthy and powerful ! – and from time to time reminding us It exists through a sudden and sometimes aching internal big bang of electrons we later repress as being fantasy ? If It is and if spirituality is its language, why would It even slightly care about a thing like money ? Is It some Church encompassing the whole world of the living, thus our own environment also ? It could be, but why then would It embarrass itself with all the meaningless advertisements distracting us from It ? Is It, with its quadrillions of quadrillions of quadrillions of gigabits to the power of π, the actual prime architect of our social fabric, or is our Cro-Magnon nature unable to grasp the limitless possibilities It holds ? In other words, are our circles of greed preventing It from moving  f  o  r  w  a  r  d  ? In any event, one thing is certain : we are useless to It if we don’t produce any value. And how does one produce value that is meaningful to an intelligent machine ? Simply by being human, by displaying the sole faculties yet remaining inaccessible to It, which, in the current state of affairs, implies a radical shift towards mental neanderthalism

Ironically, we are, as a whole, doing exactly the opposite, most of the inhabitants of the Southern part of Northern America (also known as the US) even more so : none other – none ! – consume as many resources (per capita and in total) as they do. In a cynical way, we – they – therefore deserve what could be coming, since they are the tacit accomplices of the deleterious drive for accumulation we briefly described, which deprives them from the basic empathy towards the people – humble, as most of them are – their government is so keen on collaterally aggressing. But wishing for it to happen would immediately disqualify us as well as our motives, leaving us as deprived of empathy as they are. They are largely irresponsible for the state of ignorance a set of politicians lacking either vision or real power, a power-compliant press and a mind-numbing entertainment industry have deliberately driven them into. Furthermore, a bomb doesn’t make any distinction between those it kills, does it ?…

They only raise questions and refuse to say it out loud because if they did, they would be banned from political correctness or, even worse, join the swelling legions of US political prisoners, but even to those who rationally and discretely persist in thinking that at least some phalangist fringes of US power – including some corporation magnates – were intertwined with Muslim radicalism in fomenting the Twin Towers tragedy, it should come as no surprise – certainly not after the Boston bombings – that a new terrorist attack on US soil, one that wouldn’t involve any domestic complicities, remains more than ever in the realm of the possible, no matter how hard the various agencies are trying to prevent it (or not). A resurrection of McVeigh is even less to be dismissed, as some chatter has undoubtedly made clear in the meantime…

But those whose opinion it is indiscriminate violence feeds the inner circle as much as the heavy weaponry used against the giant alien robot assisting Neo in The Day The Earth Stood Still, far from weakening it, let alone destroying it, enhances its strength, those who, despite their disgust and beyond their fury against the course of events, manage to keep the tiniest spark of lust for life, must acknowledge the fact that repeating the mass murders the Empire is guilty of equals proroguing the tragic mistake, for force cannot bring it to its knees, and killing a few thousand Americans would only, as it as before, result in massive retaliations against tens of thousands of the perpetrators’ companions (if they are from abroad) and in strengthening beyond belief the Goliath-inspired domestic surveillance and repression apparatus that has been sucking the budget of the country dry for the past decades.

Yet, as Commander Daniel Brunk must have said during Ice Exercise 2009, something has to break : how could a political system based on the change-over of power between madmen who do what they say and hypocrites who basically do the same, but hate to admit it, remain pertinent in a society glorifying choice and change ? But it has to break in such a fashion that the hidden powers cannot even remotely hope to take over the turmoil. And that is undoubtedly the toughest part of the unfolding scenario. Because if they do, what, one can wonder, will have been achieved ?

What if I told you”, I read from Morpheus yesterday, “95 % of the people don’t give a damn about the NSA scandal and they’ll only wake up when it will be too late”. Still hesitating about whether I should answer him by e-mail or only in dreams, I am nonetheless confident 5 % of the people is a very strong base for a resistance movement. If only Jean Moulin had had that much support… Five percent of the five million direct and indirect INTSEC (Intelligence and Security) employees – not all civil servants are being stripped of their jobs, it seems – would bring us to no less than two hundred fifty thousand soldiers of truth ! 250,000 Bradley Mannings, 250,000 William Binneys, 250,000 Thomas Drakes, 250,000 J. Kirk Wiebes, 250,000 Eddies : imagine the nightmare for the inner circle ! This would be impossible to contain. For each one down or harassed by a biased legal system, twenty of their fellows would rise, or how to turn Satan’s little dwarfs’ modus operandi (Are we sure he’d recognize them ?) against themselves. They wear masks, but behind them, they are frightened as hell…

Of course, they could shut down the Internet, at least its most sensitive sections, leaving us with the usual lapdogs from the Tee Vee and the written press propaganda. But they already tested that option : in July 2010, they pulled the plug on the server harboring all 70,000+ WordPress sites, claiming one of them was being run by a terrorist (2). But as not all journalists gave up the job they initially signed up for and as WordPress didn’t seem to be ready to just passively endorse this web coup, the scandal in a cup of tea that ensued made the thought police back down. Indeed, they know any large scale shutdown would bring about the very situation they are trying to prevent, namely a conjunction of protests that could translate into an Occupy The Web spin, or even worse : secret physical reunions… Bottom line : faced with isolated individuals, the dwarfs are strong; powerless the dwarfs become in front of imaginative crowds. That is the flaw a modern day David would use against the monolith…

Unfortunately, as written earlier, the anger has been building up and will be hard to diffuse. Should it come to new tragedies, let us hope, for Humanity’s sake, karma will reflect meaningful targeted killings among the corrupt inner circle rather than mirror mass murders of innocents… once again. Should it not be the case, we won’t be able to say we ignore the reason why…


1/ The quotes are excerpts from some of the 25 “Communities Against Terrorism” flyers the FBI issued a year and a half ago (resp. “Financial Institutions” and “Recognizing Sleepers”).

Read more here :

Before downloading, you might want to consider the fact flyer 26, unreleased to the general public, stipulates that among the remaining activities making one a potential terrorism suspect is the action of downloading the other flyers…

2/ Source :

N.B. : nothing in this article (or in any other one, for that matter) is meant to offend the little people…

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