What left is there to write ?

The war dogs want their regular supply. Whose side will you be on ? Which warriors will you choose ? Which right wing ? Which regression ? Which civil war ? Which destruction ?

Libya is falling to pieces. Iraq is blowing its children to the four winds. Hail to the liberators ! Meanwhile, Eastern Congo is burning again, but that, as usual, nobody cares about.

Will you support the proud colonists naming their new preferred ambassadors here and there, join in spirit with the fierce knights of the moral civilization, once again shining the superior light of their bombs and missiles on the pitiful mortals they use as a pretext for their umpteenth foreign intervention ? Will you side with their masters perhaps, already hopping up and down with impatience at the thought of the booming new Syrian housing market and the London-style health care system ? Nothing is free, you see : all is fee to the masters. Which right wing will you choose ?…

Will you choose Allah’s, the one some praise with gigantic explosions ? Look, Allah came… Oh, look, a huge meteorite heading toward Earth… Allahu akbar !… Will you stand behind the rebels of doom standing up against the current rival of their deepest enemies, cheer at the short-lived victories of the reptilian predators produced en masse by fat saurian monarchs of a long lost time, they too in all likelihood  listening to Wagner in the intimacy of their royal closets while enjoying the sacrilegious company of drugged-up Western prostitutes made to disappear and provided to them as a courtesy of the free market. Which right wing will you choose ?…

Will you prefer the firm advocates of the fusion between flesh and state, those who dictate the rules of how and with whom one’s body ought to behave, look back with tenderness and emotion at the sovereign stick, the turgescent manhood, they themselves never hesitated to display when facing the slow decay of the political abstraction they had once stood for, mirroring inside their borders that famous ism-word the others have proven so keen on exporting, echoing that twisted scenario that entered its second decade, mimicking that nihilistic oppression crushing all thought. Which right wing will you choose ?…

Will you fall for the timid denial and the listless, monotonous, monologues of good faith perverted by the sound of tanks and the heavy airborne artillery that have been casting their shadows of death for well over two years, indiscriminately ? Will you absolve the dictator and his court of their sins on the grounds they’re not the ones who started it ? Will you sit back and gently watch as hell continues to unfold and armed autism becomes the prime conqueror ? Which evil will you embrace ? Which right wing will you choose ?…

We all aspire to transparency. Transparency has become the dream. Transparent is the new black. Through a transparent prism, colored can be dazzling, white pitch-dark. Transparency can be a nightmare.

The first ones claim it’s likely that the special UN commission won’t be able to find any substantial evidence five days after the alleged chemical attack, while its task consisted in finding some related to incidents that occurred two or three months before.

As their petro-sponsors keep feeding them with weapons blessed by their god’s sacred blow, the second ones, out of an appetite for revenge, promised to target Alawite families as retaliation against the designated enemy.

The third ones see their gloomy Middle-Eastern business flourish as well, which has been a convincing reason among others for refraining from putting pressure on their amorphous ally.

As for the fourth ones, instead of defusing an attack from the West on their regime by soliciting interviews with independent Western media and allowing immediate access to the scene of the chemical crime, they’ve rather opted for the usual dry argumentation not the least bit aimed at convincing those who aren’t already convinced or who are being brainwashed by Western propagandist discourse.

All of them are so transparent it makes them void and obsolete. Their predictability is disgusting. Their glaring at each other for the past two years should be read as nothing more than an admission of helplessness. Their standing firm on shaky grounds for so long in the name of their respective interests, all derived from the male domination scheme, is repugnant.

The transparent agenda of their Acherontic souls combined is what killed tens of thousands and made millions flee. The crepuscular addition of the torments they fomented is what led a seemingly peaceful country to the verge of collapse. The reverse attraction of their silly stubbornness, with a back-to-back foursome as a result, is what made dialogue impossible. Their fossility is what’s now threatening an entire region, leaving us with this haunting question…

What left is there to write ?…

Ensor, La mort et les masques (1927)

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