A girl with superpowers : an unbreakable faith, a message of unity and an unbelievable discipline…

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Due to circumstances, some people grow faster than others, as if some superior power had invested them with the faculty of vision, a vision that is meant to bridge the gaps : between communities, between countries, between the past and the future, all in the name of values going back as far as humanity itself…

I knew that girl, she sat in my classroom, and look at her now”, a lot of Pakistani youngsters must have thought when they stared with stupefaction at Gandhi’s granddaughter, Benazir Butto’s hidden child, as she peacefully conquered international stage after international stage, prestigious award after prestigious award. To my knowledge, the world recognition she garnered has no contemporary equivalent for someone that young.

Without fully realizing it, the bright new ambassador of (quality) education for all has herself embarked upon an educational odyssey kids her age usually follow on screen. Visiting the White House today, the young victim of brutal patriarchal force in her home country even concluded her worldwide plea with master class by – so a few online newspapers are reporting (1) – addressing the very delicate subject of illegal and unwarranted US drone killings in Pakistan, while the State Department contortionist is (coincidentally ?) facing growing protest around this issue in yet another of his backyards.

That girl, soon to be a young woman, has become a symbol. This status forged her newly acquired aura and hopefully granted her a secure future in her country. As for the numerous book and movie contracts that will ensue, they will probably guarantee her economic subsistence for the rest of her life. But such a status can (and most certainly will) also turn out to be a burden for her because it comes with a huge weight, an unimaginable insight such frail shoulders cannot yet carry.

When the praises will progressively start turning into indifference, when the next big thing will be propelled onto the stage, when the crackling of the flashes from the photo ops will end, there will still be a girl. It is that girl who should never be forgotten. It is that girl who revealed the strength of her soul. It is that girl who deserves to be loved as such. It is that girl who accomplished it all…

Time… Time is on your side. Time is of the essence. Don’t rush it. Slowly but surely, understand the play you are now a part of, the impact of your part in it, as well as the interests you are unconsciously serving, and remember you’re only young once. As your childhood is slowly drifting away, realize your battle is (unfortunately) one of decades, if not centuries: Which goals do you expect the next child heroes to reach if you do it all by yourself ? Wouldn’t it be boring ? Seriously, young Force of Nature : enjoy, live, child. You’ll still have plenty of time to become a symbol later on… RESPECT !…


(1) Read : http://thinkprogress.org/security/2013/10/14/2777441/malala-yousafzai-obama-drones/

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