CETA / TAFTA : we demand a European referendum, or BASTA !

When the West had to prove itself to its citizens towards the USSR, it used freedom of speech and civil liberties : honey catches more flies than vinegar. Europe, today, is applying the same strategy in a different context. It is supposed to be a beacon of enlightenment for minorities and persecuted individuals of all kinds. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course – far on the contrary – as long as such commendable principles are not simply a disguise left behind once the enemy has disappeared, or once Member States have been reduced to the state of submissive pawns…

The latter objective still hasn’t been completely fulfilled, however, though it is well underway, thanks to the authoritarian takeover of national budget checks by an unelected clique of mostly corrupt and certainly incompetent penpushers who have lost all contact with real life, most of whom were sent to the Brussels Commission because they weren’t worth a cent in national politics : just look at the European commissioner for Social Affairs, or have a glimpse at his colleague in charge of economic and monetary affairs, both afflicted with a major speech impediment and endowed with the charisma of a cockroach.

Another example of this European decadence is the little opportunist who’s been presiding said Commission for the past nine years, the merry friend of Greek billionaire Latsis (his next employer ?), on whose yacht he spent his first holiday while in office, an innocent gift he’d amply prove to have deserved a few years later by helping Latsis’ late investment bank remain afloat thanks to European taxpayer money.

Many have accused him of lacking vision. But, actually, this friend of the rich is at the exact image of what Europe has become : a set of key account managers surrounded by the void in the continent of intellectualism par excellence. The destruction of the worldwide emblem of democracy to which the world owes a great deal of its philosophers, though not directly ascribable to him, perfectly reflects the anti-project the man from Portugal heading the Berlaymont troops for a few more months is carrying.

His is of course an anti-liberal project, often seen as liberal nonetheless. Said project is the supremacy of the giant corporations, the only ones assured to benefit from the draft trade treaty signed today in Brussels between the Canadian oil industry’s middleman and ourselves, which is supposed to be the prelude to an identical effort between the EU and the US currently negotiated in the customary secretive environment.

Charest, the deposed PM of Québec against whose explosive raise of student tuition fees thousands and thousands of students had rallied, applauded with both hands. He is a liberal, while Harper is a conservative, but both share a love for oligarchs going far beyond these inconsistent labels. Probably even a few German socialists and the French incumbent president also share their optimism…

This is democracy, people, from the Greek ‘demos’, people : a vast array of political choices and ideologies always driven by what’s best for you… without you being able to do anything about it, except elect a bunch of greedy MEP’s who are in their majority as colorless as a black hole and who can only dream of having the constitutional powers their national equivalents enjoy, every five years.

What is there to be applauded in CETA ? A breakthrough for German car manufacturers in the land of the maple leaf ? The announced victory of the major drug companies over generic drugs ? The privatization of drinking water ? Who will tell ? Only the headlines of the deal have been made public up to now; the rest remains to be finalized in discrete alcoves, as usual, so we are told.

But aren’t we told a load of crap ? The document having been intensely negotiated for the past decade, isn’t the two years delay before the final treaty could be signed a way to buy off the few Member States remaining reticent to some of its provisions, and to coax the European Parliament (behind the scenes) into accepting this new section of the already obsolete NWO, in order to avoid a new edition of the ACTA-clash, whereby the movie and music majors had in vain mandated the European Commission to cast its freedom-destroying shadow over the internet ?

Aren’t we also regularly told we’re living in States subject to the rule of law, while at the same time the so-called liberal internationalists are doing everything in their power to limit its spectrum to international trade courts that would be run by corrupt puppets of the oligarchs, alternatively playing the attorney’s part and wearing the robe ? And aren’t these courts the Trojan horse the NWO is expecting to use in order to dismantle all social and environmental legislations left standing ?

I say : enough ! I say : relocalize the economy and spare the energy costs by doing so ! I say : the Euro-Canadian friendship between the people deserves better than this deal concocted by and for the corporations ! I say : water is a public good ! I say : generic drugs over big business ! I say : you’d better start listening to the desire for democracy, you moronic gadgets, or you could end up with a bullet in your heads ! I say : anti-liberal corporatism belongs to the past !

But, hey, who am I, right ? Let’s just vote ! We’re all adults, aren’t we ? We’re all Europeans, aren’t we ? We all cherish democracy, don’t we ? We all dream of a more perfect Union, don’t we ? TIME TO PROVE IT !!!

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