Refugee/migrant crisis : want some more doublespeak ?…

Some time ago, the heating system in the apartment I was renting fell out, days before the New Year. The landlord, a company owning several apartment blocks in the Brussels area and beyond, was immediately apprised of the situation. On January 19, they sent me a letter informing me they’d dispatch a repair technician any time soon. As I was living on the top floor and my bedroom walls were composed of thin reinforced cardboard plates only, I was happy to hear the problem was about to get solved : nights were chilly, to say the least, and I continued paying my rent, so there was no reason at all why it should have gone otherwise. Yet, it took them until November 6 – nearly a year ! – to honor their word, and they did so only after I managed to convince the local administration to have someone inspect the building.

Of course, I ended up suing them, and, years later, the trial is still ongoing, in spite of the company’s many efforts to make me understand I didn’t stand a chance against their immense (inherited) wealth, and the private insurance covering their legal fees. While objectively guilty, they’ve never failed to display the nouveau-riche kind of arrogance all those who don’t eat their meals in golden plates abhor. But I expected that. What I didn’t expect, however, was that up to six different lawyers would successively represent me, one after the other fraudulently dropping the case, whether for financial reasons, because they were intimidated, or due to their blatant incompetence. What I didn’t expect either was that people within the judicial system itself would start telling me – and me alone – I should pour some water into my wine, be less narrow-minded in my quest for justice, and, in a way, let it go. Only then, and through a conjunction of factors (my family suddenly rejecting me, my employer suddenly firing me for reasons which wouldn’t stand up to court scrutiny, two physical aggressions, one by a bunch of disturbed white youth, the other by a neo-nazi gang, i.e.), did I intimately realize the nature of the bourgeois system I was living in.

Why am I bringing this up ? Because I think this sorry episode of my life has a lot in common with what is going on these days around the issue of migrants. Don’t worry : I won’t start victimizing and saying what I went through is in any way comparable to these people’s ordeal. It would be tasteless. It’s a different parallel I’d like to establish…

For three years now, the inadequacy of European migrant policies has been highlighted : the pope’s first official visit (in March of 2013 !) was to the Italian island of Lampedusa, in the neighborhood of which several overcrowded boats transporting possible refugees to what they’d imagined would be their Eldorado capsized, leaving countless bodies at the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile (actually, since the Lehman Brothers debacle – or opportunity, according to one’s perspective on things), the European right wing and social-democracy combined have been carrying out an unprecedented assault on social security, in the name of austerity. Greece, of course, is the most telling example, with a dramatic rise in its infant mortality, suicide, poverty, and malnutrition rates. But in other countries as well, the poorest and the lower middle class have been bleeding dry : in France alone, one small farmer is committing suicide every three days. None of this affected the E.U.’s rational sadists’ master plan in any way : whatever sacrifices were needed among the proletariat, nothing would stand in their way towards economic Walhalla.

Just a few weeks after Greece suffered its latest public humiliation to date (In July of this year, the country’s government was put on a tight leash and ordered to behave like a doggy – which it did – while Greek democracy was being suspended for an unknown period.), Merkel & Co saw the light : from one day to the next, alleviating the sufferings of people who’ve been dying en masse for the past four years due to the Western governments’ never-ending belligerent agenda in the Middle-East became urgent. So, they unilaterally decreed hundreds of thousands of (mostly undocumented) asylum-seekers were welcome in the E.U.

This seemingly irrational move could have led to nothing else than the total chaos we are now witnessing  : unprepared immigration services largely relying on volunteers to help them accomplish their mission, legions of Untermenschen forced to sleep (sometimes with their kids) in cold, muddy fields, without the most basic accommodations, municipalities left in the cold by their central governments, small country towns with 300 inhabitants required to provide long-term shelters to twice as many refugees, an Islamic radicalization among refugees that’s detrimental to LGBT refugees and – some say – to Christians as well, and, last but not least, an overall climate that’s propitious to crime : the bourgeois kids unequivocally saluting the arrival of all these “lovely humans” won’t be glad to hear it, but some migrants already killed Europeans. And, since there’s absolutely no scientific way of determining which kinds of nationals have been and are crossing the European borders, let alone their personal identities, the police and secret services are in no position to assure citizens they are safe from a terrorist threat against which one Patriot Act after the other has been implemented during the past few months ! In the meantime, this flow of refugees/migrants has been feeding the most outspoken far-right parties and movements Europe has known since the 30ies, making it every day more plausible, if not likely, for the E.U. to collapse under the growing weight of its own extremists.

Who will have to compete with these migrants on the labor market for jobs that are underpaid as it is ? That’s right : the same ones who’ve been crumbling under the inane and insane austerity policy put in place by the same governments who are now calling on their citizens to display more fucking generosity ! Not the media sycophants, not the company managers, not the upper classes, to whom austerity is but a vague propaganda tool : they all welcome these developments with open arms and Christian compassion, because said developments will be a providential tool to further the anti-social agenda. They will only be happy when there will be as many (extremely) poor people in Europe as there are in the U.S., namely 39 million, left out to dry without a single major presidential candidate (well, one actually !) even mentioning them. Competition disguised as humanism, ruthless politics under the veil of emotional solidarity : shed a tear please…

So, perhaps indeed there are a lot of “lovely humans” among these refugees : just look into these children’s eyes, and you’ll understand how much life has to give. But, so help me God, the first one of these privileged European bastards, the first one of these sadistic politicians, who’ll tell me I’m not open-minded and generous enough, …

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