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Latifa Ibn ZiatenIn March of 2012, a young Frenchman of Algerian descent cold-bloodedly executed seven people in the southern cities of Toulouse and Montauban. The victims of the Toulouse attack were a rabbi teaching at a Jewish private school and his two sons, the school principal’s daughter, as well as a French soldier who happened to be a Muslim.

The events occurred in the middle of the latest French presidential campaign. A few months after being elected, Hollande invited Hitler-apologist Netanyahu to France to address French Jews while the latter was campaigning for his re-election. In his speech, the would-be butcher of Gaza subtly encouraged his audience to consider aliyah : “today”, he said, “the Jewish people have a State. Today, the Jewish people have an army. And today, after 2,000 years [of persecution], the Jewish people are in a position to defend themselves and their country against those who want to wipe us off the map” (1). What was to be understood was that France, on the other hand, was in no position to guarantee the Jews’ safety on its own soil.

Despite the fact the honeymoon between the Israeli Führer and the weakest president the Vth French Republic has ever known was only in its inception (2), this reportedly prompted Hollande to say in private said Führer had not behaved “correctly” during his official visit (3).

While all the Jewish victims’ bodies were transferred to a Jerusalem cemetery, the mother of the slain soldier proudly stood up and did what CNN and other pseudo-liberal news ventures have been demanding from all moderate Muslims these past few weeks : disavow violence in the name of their religion. For over three years now, Latifa Ibn Ziaten has been advocating respect, tolerance and ecumenism, whether in her neighborhood, on countless TV shows (4), or even in Israel, a country she visited earlier this year with seventeen French pupils (5).

For this initiative, she had to endure quite some critiques within her own community. She stood her ground nonetheless, as she was probably expecting them. Least expected perhaps was the slur cast on her since the November 13 attacks by some of the oh so respectable members of the co-opted French media elite…

Mohamed Sifaoui is an Algerian as well. A self-proclaimed journalist known for his hidden-camera undercover reporting about alleged al-Qaeda terrorist networks (6), as well as for his vilification of Muslim scholars cast out by the French ultra-Zionist lumpenintelligentsia for allegedly being part of the Intellectual Axis of Evil (7), he fled Algeria in the nineties because, he said, he feared for his life after investigating the ambiguous part several leaders of the military junta might have played in the terrorist wave that brought the country to its knees.

Curiously, this did not prevent him from openly supporting an Algerian general during the trial of a former officer of the Algerian military held in Paris at the beginning of the millennium (8). As it happens, this officer had, in his book “La sale guerre” (“The Dirty War”), accused his former bosses of being responsible for some major war crimes…

Is or was Sifaoui a spy for a military dictatorship impersonating a freedom-loving democratic secularist on French airwaves, or a French spy seeking to hide the most delicate aspects of the French collaboration with said regime ? The question has been raised : what better cover for a “legend” than that of journalist ? Whatever the answer, it took him nine years – and a strategy shift in his homeland – to come to the conclusion Nezzar, the general, had lied to him.

Like a child discovering the Santa-scam, here’s what he wrote on his blog about this sudden epiphany four years ago, in an open letter to his former ally : “I remember – and so do you, I may hope – that, at the time, you assured me that all the leaders of the Algerian army were republicans, and that they were innocent of the crimes they were being accused of. […] Today, […] I realize […] you simply lied to me” (9). Following the same timescale, all the media pundits who cheered at the fascist coup d’Etat in Egypt two years ago (10) should come to reason in 2022…

It would take a lot more, however, for these recurrent clients of the French media, whose expertise on “Islamic matters” is indeed unmatched, to lose their rostrum… And they know it ! Why else would Sifaoui allow himself such blatantly racist generalizations as : “the French language gives access to the Enlightenment [whereas] most of the time, Arabic today gives access to Islamic obscurantism” (12) ?

And why should they refrain from heaping abuse upon someone like Latifa Ibn Ziaten, that housewife who had better remained in her kitchen after her Muslim son got killed by a terrorist, instead of showing her filthy headscarf all over the place ?

I’m quite surprised that, while in this country we’ve understood we have to wage an ideological war […], a woman who indeed lost her son [to terrorism] but who nonetheless wears a headscarf […] is being honored in such a way. I know victims are sacralized in this country […], but there are limits : […] just because someone lost a son […] we shouldn’t get them out of their kitchens to turn them into antiterrorism icons.” (13)

current French president, current French PM, former French presidentThe thugs who booed the lady yesterday for that very reason during a meeting in the French Parliament(14) undoubtedly agree with the chairman of Association Onze Janvier, established in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and destined to “combat extremism” (15).

Vive le Republeak, and vive le France !


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In his blog post about the Algerian regime, Sifaoui also stated the following : “I realize twenty years later that this alleged will to save democracy was actually just a secondary motive for your colleagues and yourself, and that your first goal – your only goal, perhaps – was to assist an arrogant and venal system of governance, an authoritarian and antidemocratic regime. To this end, you used the Islamist threat, civil society’s credulity, and the progressives’ naivety to close the democratic parenthesis and perpetuate this corrupt, autocratic and lying regime […]”. Ironic, isn’t it ?

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