To do list for my nine months left as a POTUS

  • set Shirley Manning free under supervision (?) and grant him the medal of Honor
  • bomb Netanyahu’s HQ and Salman’s harem
  • bring my whole Yemeni drone fleet back home
  • burn the X files
  • tell Europe I’m sorry
  • infect Bluffdale with malware
  • release the AIDS vaccine from the DoD’s vault
  • send my regards to Soros
  • have Joe suck my dick
  • have Blankfein’s orgy pictures and transcripts published
  • cancel the TTIP
  • review my MIB4 script w/ Tommy Lee Boehner
  • party w/ Clooney
  • settle down, honey
  • leave fish and steak behind and become a veggie
  • not tell Da Bern he should drop out of the race a second time
  • coach Malia for her first presidential primary
  • remind my younger daughter not to wear her sister’s T-shirts
  • tell BLM I did my best
  • record a single w/ Jay Z & The Buena Vista Social Club
  • reach a deal w/ Ryan on the food stamp issue
  • mention the homeless legions in my last address for the very first time
  • hire out my writers to Erdogan for his first Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi Correspondents Dinner
  • have my popularity checked again for my upcoming paid speeches
  • set up my joint venture w/ Civis Analytics
  • pray
  • pray
  • pray for the status quo…
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