What a mess ! (Quelle messe !)

Now that that’s done, define : hope, faith, optimism, virtue, embodiment, dream

Cynthia Haleillustration du Candide de VoltaireTed Williams and unknownMichael EricObama


In this day and age, everything – every object, every symbol, every spirit, every soul – must be advertised. So please read the following before venturing into this post…

WARNING : this post is an anti-guide. Brazenly devoid of any prepackaged message of liberation and at the same time of any clear path of thought or action, it is outright confusing. And confusion means chaos. THEREFORE, BEWARE : should you accept to consider the following quotes and illustrations as pieces of your puzzle, some of which you might want to leave aside, others you might want to crop or rearrange, you would be as guilty as I am !


Two other quotes inspired this post :

Niebuhr […] talked about the difference between optimism and hope. Optimism is a shallow virtue; hope is a deep virtue.

Ordinary black people are going to look at me and see me as the embodiment of their dreams.

 (Democracy Now!, July 28, 2016)

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