Tachyons are great…

exhibit-aThe day before yesterday, I saw some ten-year old walking like a miniature Charlie Chaplin down Pennsylvania Avenue, gawkily saluting the crowd with his alien right hand amid a cold indifferent emptiness. There was a man with him, and a woman too, but neither one bothered to look at him. Through the screen, the air smelled like plastic, it was suffocating. They were playing their parts, seemingly failing to even notice his presence. You could almost feel their shame. Or was it just disdain ? Not a word, not a comforting hug. An addition of units far, so far from a circle of three. But I thought : nothing is written, the kid might very well not become a psychopath, a more perfect union is still possible…

Last November, the boy’s science project, involving tachyon-related time travel, was selected by the National Board of Charter Schools. Academically, it is so groundbreaking the intelligence community immediately signaled its interest. As a result, the boy addressed some spooks yesterday, loud, cheering ones. He looked so fresh, his flawless face shining with orange youth. It is well documented kids his age can barely concentrate for more than five minutes in a row : hormones are loose cannons in a teen’s body. As he was trying to fill in the blanks by distracting his audience with some personal anecdotes, like the one about his uncle pissing in the Delaware river nearby Hope Creek and watching his urine turn as fluorescent green as the kiwi sodas they serve in Moscow, his presentation appeared a bit clumsy, to say the least. Could his project, once implemented in Pompeiopolis by the single consul, allow the agency to go back in time and terminate whistleblowers even before they speak, or rogue agents like Hector to start a romance with wannabe jihadists ? Against all odds, I thought : nothing is written, tachyons are great. And when I heard the kid conclude his speech with a prepubescent “I love you”, I really knew he meant well…


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