« There are times when all the world’s asleep | The questions run too deep » …


  • Erovinkin helped draft Trump dossier ? Makes no sense at first sight (If blackmail aim, why publish ?). Feeling unwell at the back of his car ?
  • Some deaths due to P himself, wanting to clean up the mess after election by severing ties with figures that could compromise him ?
  • Does P control all his troops ? (> Girkin)
  • Could P be marginalized by Moscow power elites ? (pres. election 2018)
  • No Russian reaction yet because of Trump election ?
  • Trump business deals with Russia with Russian mobsters on US soil ? Of what nature ? Legit or underground ? Sessions going to recuse himself from that investigation too ? Does he recall emoluments clause…
  • Some of them preparing attack in the US in case HC elected (> Gredenko/Markov) ?
  • Real reason behind Flynn resignation ?
  • Red Army Choir part of retaliation ? What about previous unexplained plane crashes ?
  • Karlov assassin indoctrinated ? How ? Same way ISIS fighters are ?
  • Churkin old style or Chavez style ?
  • Churkin / Kadakin happened after inauguration. Sanctioned by Trump or carried out by rogue intel cell (Pompeo already confirmed) ? Pvt contractor ? Foreign allies ?
  • Malanin > Athens (O’s last trip to Europe including fucking Greece ?!)
  • Each party feeding the far right ? (hawkish Dems > Russian hawks / Russian hawks > European extremes)
  • Trump impeached = greater risk of war ? (McCain-Ryan-Clintonites alliance)
  • Whole thing Great Architectural coincidence ?



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