Hail to the thief ! (or why Macrony capitalism is not that different from Trumpism)

Hal Bendis  1 hour ago (edited)

So, a choice between a crony extreme right wing corporatist lying fear monger hypocrite Trump/Le Pen, and a mild corporate centrist like Macron, who’s still better than Hillary? No. The French people should be smarter than the US and the British. Don’t let KGB trolls among you push the same divisive rhetoric done everywhere else in Western Democracies to break up the European Union, now keeping Russia from expanding its economic military capability to push its corrupt interests all over Europe. A few dumb home grown religious extremists will be the least of the French people’s worries once they start seeing Le Pen dismantle and sell off their social safety nets to the highest corporate bidder the way Trump’s now doing in the US, never mind the mafia state orders that’ll be coming down from Russia, dismantling Democratic liberties and checks against government corruption. Macron isn’t the extreme leftist populist Mélenchon is, but Macron’s also not the fascist corporatist lying fear monger treasonous hypocrite Le Pen. Marie Le Pen is a flat sell out con artist like Donald Trump. It is implored that the French learn from the mistakes made in the US, and support a Macron vote to avoid the total fascist fraud disaster happening with Trump in the United States. There is no vacuum if one doesn’t vote. To refuse voting for Macron is to support Le Pen and all the con artist Donald Trump fraud Russian puppeteering happening now in the United States.

It’s a continuum, man, an action/reaction thing : one ideology (globalized corporatism) gave birth to –  or rather resurrected and boosted – the other. If next month’s legislative election doesn’t neutralize the former, in other words if it’s allowed to implement the social bloodbath it has been campaigning on, namely :

repeal of the wealth tax, but continued enforcement of the EU’s austerity policies for the middle class through an additional € 60bn cut in public spending;

flat tax on capital income and a 25 % maximum corporate tax rate (instead of 33 %);

not a single measure on tax evasion, instead an additional unconditional € 20bn gift a year to corporations through a reduction of social security contributions so as to make sure social security goes totally bankrupt;

120,000 less public servants throughout the country;

shadow democracy and upholding of the current über-centralized institutions with no room at all for grassroots initiatives;

— bills rushed through parliament without a vote, among which a drastic reform of the labor code toward less worker protection and lower wages;

no restrictions on business relocations within the EU;

lowering of the retirement benefits;

additional bureaucratic pressure on the 6 million unemployed;

ratification of NAFTA-like transatlantic trade partnerships;

— et al.

… do you think that’s more likely to weaken or strengthen the latter ?!

When a French journalist asked the investment banker you seem to like so much what his project for the youth was, he answered : « I want them to want to become billionaires ». In other words, it’s : kill your fellow man and « get rich, or die tryin‘ ».

Well, all those who’ll try and fail, and the legions of those with higher hopes won’t wait for Chouchou‘s own failure to tell him to fuck off ! Believe me…

The financial “revolution” is destined to make civil society agree with the premise that society is in fact non-society, which, coming to think of it, is quite Orwellian. This doesn’t mean society as a concept is meant to vanish. On the contrary, it is imperative it remain, but only as an empty shell, merely to prevent unwanted chaos (which is to say chaos that would be detrimental to the ruling class), while implementing organized chaos for what used to be called “the masses” in order to distract them from their quest for emancipation. As the structuring force of society par excellence, the power of the State therefore remains crucial in ensuring the State has no power left, except, when needed, resorting to violence against the unruly.

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