Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. As the ‘Covfefe Act‘ was formally introduced today, here’s my take on the mistery : it was neither a typo, nor an abruptly ended message, as most people seem to think. Semantically, it should have been read as ‘negative press‘ instead of ‘press covfefe‘ (genitive case), and there should have been a comma between the two last words. ‘Covfefe‘ itself is not a neologism; it’s merely an acronym like CoIntelPro. And it may have been part of a blackmail attempt directed at Comey as he was about to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. If so, it could have meant ‘covert federal felony‘, one the former FBI director may have been guilty of in Trump’s eyes, and the latter may through his tweet have threatened to expose, in spite of the negative press it might bring about. If that interpretation is right, was he referring to a personal felony (related to Comey’s handling of the Clinton emails case, or to his investigation into Russia’s alleged active corruption of Trump’s entourage ?), or an FBI program or set of procedures in contradiction with federal law ? Or was Trump merely suggesting he could file a lawsuit against him, arguing his impartiality was compromised during the meetings he had with him, which might explain why Comey was so methodical in his description of them ? Let’s ask Jeff…


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