Public service announcement to hackers worldwide !

Dear hackers worldwide, whether enlisted by your local mob, employed by a filthy corporation (including billionaire-owned mainstream media) or P.I. / private militia in service thereof, recruited by some intelligence service / foreign government,  or independent pirates, we have some good news for you…

Indeed, inspired by recent hacks of voter data and by Deep Root Analytics’ tremendous success in securing confidential information regarding virtually every U.S. voter, the Belgian government is about to take the historic decision to store all personal data, such as addresses, I.R.S. records, wage slips, bills, bank account and credit card numbers, pension records, health insurance numbers (and in time the health records themselves), as well as criminal records, of its eleven million citizens in one centralized cloud-based database.

Bribe a local clerk ? Medieval habit ! Detect potential business prospects without their knowledge, find out more about potential hires behind their backs, blackmail people, falsify information, are but a few online features Crooked Gov will soon be putting at your entire disposal, whether The People like it or not… Enjoy !

Of course, theoretically, they will be able to oppose their data be made accessible to private companies, but we all know how easily such a virtual restriction can be circumvented, don’t we ? 😉

And we also know a majority of honest law-abiding citizens won’t even care, or understand what’s at stake : if they’ve got nothing to hide, why should they worry ?

To gain access to some extra features, however, you will have to become a Premium member. Nah, just kidding… As fingerprints will soon become mandatory on every Belgian I.D. card, and said fingerprints will of course be stored in the cloud as well, you will be able to download them whenever you want to frame someone else for a crime.

Here’s the piece of technocratic shit you have to thank for this :

Please guys, be grateful !

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