Me and the Hebrews…

As the ACLU pointed out earlier this week, a new bill with both Democratic and Republican co-sponsors would make it illegal to advocate boycotting goods originating from the illegally occupied counties of Palestine. It’s like a double negative : Israel carries no responsibility for nothing…

At the basis of the initiative : AIPAC and its purported superior motives. At the center of the storm : the BDS movement and its alleged anti-Semitic bias, whatever that adjective means. Free-speech Felons would expose themselves to bankruptcy, or even incarceration for a period not exceeding twenty years. Twenty years for using three letters, that’s something like 6.66 years per letter : all in all, a reasonable offering according to US standards, a balanced holocaust if you prefer…

Of course, at a time when even the Koch Bros. somehow collude with their own enemy in stating US prisons harbor far too many people who oughtn’t be there, this is perhaps not the best signal for their emancipatory vision. But let’s keep one thing in mind : it is as close to a just cause as it will get for corporate Democrats in the three-and-a-half coming years !

However, by, among the many other things I amply criticize, explicitly condemning the Israeli government for the fascist tendencies one of its former hawkish PMs recently claimed were more than ever at work within some Israeli elite circles, I fully support MLC (Minority Leader Chuck) when he saysIsrael and, by extension, the Jewish people [shouldn’t be held] to a different standard” than any other oppressive regime. Indeed, censorship is censorship, fascism fascism, whether nazi-, Saudi- or Israeli-inspired. Actually, ‘fully’ may be a slight overstatement : since when have the Jewish people become “an extension” of Israel ?…

Whether spontaneously or inspired by the circumcision lobby within his board of directors, France’s new CEO indicated a week ago he might be on the same line : standing side by side with a vulgar butcher he had invited to commemorate another butchery with him, did he not declare antizionism equals anti-Semitism (whatever that colonized noun may mean) ? Within the fringe electorate who sincerely made his ascension to CEOness possible (that is to say those who voted for him and not against his rival), some confused youngsters of Arabic descent must now be shivering while awaiting his next statement, namely BDS = antizionism…

Luckily, should such a bill as the one supported by the 200+ congressmen AIPAC has been corrupting or blackmailing by extension ever get adopted, there would still be Orwellian irony. Let’s use it wisely before the guardians of Sacred Illegality ban that too !…

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