Es-tu là ?…

“My problem – I can see this now – is that, not unlike suits on their inane and joyless little world, I, however opposed to them, focused only on my world of wonders, whereas I should have kept a foot in both. As Aldous, my august predecessor, once said, you have to try to make the best of all worlds. I mean, you can’t do anything worthwhile if you don’t at least have knowledge of them…

I was a good guy, I think, fundamentally. But I was too excessive, you know. And when you’re too excessive, you tend to forget to think. However, I’m still convinced that my message was deeply subversive and political, and that it still would be in today’s society : although guys like me weren’t confronting the corrupt establishment directly, they were scared of what we were doing. Because, basically, what we were saying to them was : we’re no longer your pawns, suckers, and we won’t be the pawns of any of your substitutes either ! Now, what could ever be scarier to the social machine ?

Ram, my old pal – you know, the one from that island somewhere in Hawaii; the old bugger turned 88 a few days ago – always told me : “What’s remarkable about you, Tim, is that you’re too detached, brother; you’ve gotta keep balance”. And I always answered : “Yeah, go tell that to the motherfuckers who run this penal colony !

But, in a way, he was right. If I had the chance, I wouldn’t do it all over again. This time, my creed would be : “Keep the switch between on and off at all times, tune in and be. And, incidentally, fuck ‘em all, of course…” [guffawing loudly]”


Pour moi, d’emblée, c’était la DragonSlayer, mec. Mais, bon, j’suis coriace et je me rends compte que pour les demi-portions, c’est peut-être un peu ardu au départ. Je te conseille de commencer par l’Atlantis. Tu verras, ça va te déniaiser, mon pote… C U there !

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