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Which president / Which agenda do YOU want in office when it happens again ?!

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Just cause it resonates doesn’t make it right, and comparing apples and oranges is a complete waste of time.

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Shirley Chisholm’s CBC

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‘Getting things done’…


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Raus ! Schnell !

New York State Senate = 2-year term !

Toby Ann Stavisky (Queens)

Roxanne Persaud (Brooklyn)

Pete Harckham (Westchester)

Shelley Mayer (Westchester)

Jim Gaughran (Long Island)

John Brooks (Long Island)

Anna Kaplan (Long Island)

Monica Martinez (Long Island)

Todd Kaminsky (Long Island)

“Democrats Responsible For Killing Marijuana Legalization In NY”

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End of the Morals Squad, at last ?…

— MRS. VAN BUREN : Ladies, look who decided to join us. Where is your better half ?

— SUSAN PARSONS : Duty calls, I’m afraid.

— Oh, well, that is unfortunate.

Allow me to introduce Susan Parsons. She and her husband are the new occupants of the Fleming estate.


— SILLY BOURGEOIS FEMALE GUEST 2 : Parsons ? As in Jack Parsons ? I haven’t seen him since he was a child stealing fruit from my trees.

— Well, he’s a lot taller now but, uh, still causing plenty of trouble.

— So we’ve heard.

— Uh, well, lovely to meet you both.

(CHUCKLES) – Christ – (DOOR OPENS) The Lord BUTLER: I’m sorry, sir. This is a private function.

— ALFRED: Don’t worry. I’m a guest of Susan Parsons’.

— SUSAN : Hello, dear !

— ALFRED (to the butler) : Oh, be-be a love. Fetch me a martini.

(QUIETLY, to Susan) : I felt terrible leaving you to fend for yourself.

— SUSAN : Allow me to introduce…

— ALFRED : Alfred Miller.

— THE VAN BUREN BITCH : Uh, I… Is this meant to be a Christmas costume?

— ALFRED : No, not in the slightest.

— VAN BUREN : Perhaps we should make our way into the library so we can get started.

— SUSAN : Started ?

(to Alfred- : Thank you for coming. Though I might’ve chosen something a little more subdued.

— ALFRED : We don’t have to hide ourselves from these people. Let them bask in our splendor.

— VAN BUREN : Here’s where the members of the Preservation Society have decided to ensconce themselves.

— SUSAN: Hello.

— THE BUTLER : Your drink, sir.

— Alfred : Oh, thank you. Good man…

(to Susan) : Chin-chin.

— SILLY BOURGEOIS FEMALE GUEST 3 : Do I detect an accent?

— ALFRED : How perspicacious ! Yes. Raised in Burma, schooled in Cambridge.

— VAN BUREN : I take it you are the leader of the group ?

— ALFRED : Pardon ?

— VAN BUREN : Well, you haven’t exactly tried to hide it. People coming and going at all hours. What is it you all are doing, exactly ?

— ALFRED : Whatever we will.

— SUSAN : It’s a… a social club A salon, really, of, uh, intellectuals, artists, freethinkers.

— VIRGIL: Come now, Susan. Don’t lie to these good people.

— SUSAN : What is he doing here ?

— VAN BUREN : Mr. Byrne has become one of the Preservation Society’s most ardent supporters

Strange Angel, s2e3, Virgil at Mrs. Van Buren’s

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« The N.R.A. is not the problem. »

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Some balls, that chick has ! End up being recycled by the dark side of this force, she must not !

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He licked his ass crack !

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