Western identity and reasonable concessions…



Another main theme discussed at the meeting was the nature of a basis of reconciliation for the ideological differences between the West and China in a global order in which countries are gradually tied to each other with stronger bonds in terms of trade and technology.


Bruno Le Maire, current French minister of Finance








Even the Orwellian nightmare unfolding in Xinjiang has its parallels elsewhere, such as with the recent revelations that in the US, the New Orleans Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been working with Peter Thiel’s company Palantir Technologies (which also has connections with the CIA and the Pentagon) to experiment with ‘predictive policing’ based on data collected from police databases, social media, and elsewhere (Fang 2018; Winston 2018). Taken together, these developments reveal a vision of a digital future where we are all locked in a continuous and banal system of monitoring, accounting, categorizing, and tracking—which has potential far reaching consequences for those who challenge the hegemony in any way, or even just for those who do not have the resources or capacity to participate in the socioeconomic system on the terms mandated.




Milo, CEO M&M Enterprises (« Catch-22 »)

Bilderberg, Montreux (CH) venue, 2019

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