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En plein dans le bien et le mal, et penchant clairement d’un côté…

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Even the Retards’ Juice Company, man ! Is there anything sacred ?…

And these people were seen not only by me. They were seen by Larry Summers, they were seen by [genetics professor George] Church, they were seen by Marvin Minsky, they were seen by some of the most eminent academics and scholars in the world.

I think the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest wage country is impeccable and we should face up to that.

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Epstein, an asset of the IRGC ?

“There were a lot of really powerful men — businessmen and Hollywood figures — that spent time [with Jeffrey Epstein],” noted Mansour.

Coulter replied, “And international leaders and politicians, that’s why I think the biggest question is: Who is funding all this? It seems — I’m not saying that this is true … one of my theories was that [Jeffrey Epstein] was like the concierge for the underage sex ring, and rich men would pay him to go to Orgy Island or down to Palm Beach or New York … and he’d arrange [sexual liaisons] and they’d pay him to have all these places. He was just like the concierge of these places, getting the girls there.”

Coulter continued, “But I don’t think there are that many billionaires who have this particular weird sexual fetish. This isn’t normal. So you need both, hundreds of millions of dollars, a weird sexual fetish, and you’re willing to pay Jeffrey Epstein, so it does make you think that there could be a state sponsor behind this. Again, I don’t think it’s Russia, but let’s say it is to keep the left interested.”

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What their emptiness has made of Humanism… Yet, we should be jealous…

Suzanne Klatten, billionaire heir

“Dealing with the responsibility and jealousy from inheriting wealth is a misunderstood burden, according to Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt, the billionaire siblings who together own almost half of BMW AG. […]

Klatten […] said that wealth redistribution doesn’t work and that a fair society allows people to pursue opportunities according to their abilities.

“Our potential stems from the role of being an heir and developing that,” she said. “We work hard on that every day.”

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Anything to suppress those subhumans’ voices… !

Jake Corman, R-Pa

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