So, let me get this straight…

It takes Trump’s faux pas (?) in Ukraine for CNN to start mentioning Hunter Biden’s potentially dirty business (under the auspices of his father). But that’s all swell and dandy ?…

Foreign corruption in said country, potentially involving a presidential candidate, shouldn’t be investigated, then ? Not even if that may mean a foreign country has potential kompromat on a wannabe-president it might decide to use against him later ? And despite the possibility there might be personal enrichment involved ? Talking about double standards…

‘objective’ angles

In other words,

Is that the news ? Instead of : “Giuliani freaking out as usual is no reason for CNN to cover up Hunter Biden’s dubious business” ?

You turned your tragic family history into a marketing tool. Ya shoulda known, Joe…

Luckily, voters now do know, before the primary concludes, how easily a former heavyweight could be crushed in the second round, and whether corruption continuity (?) is the way they want to go…

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