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« Put the minister (a.k.a. the promotor), that son of a gun, in jail ! »

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Tyrannical old schmuck !

“What you need to know about that Joe Biden video and the RAVE Act

The legislation led to a decade of fear and crack-downs”

“Even Jeff Sessions Admits the RAVE Act is Killing People”

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From Václav to Bureš…

l’une des nombreuses manifs à Prague pour la démission de Babis

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Yeah, huh, YouTube, about that…

How likely is it for ‘likely’ to have any legal value whatsoever ? For instance, does it mean the following video would be taken down ?

If so, does this mean the legacy media will no longer be able to obtain and purchase footage of events they haven’t covered themselves ?

And that the judiciary, assuming it wants to, won’t be able to use said footage against the perpetrators of those “violent acts” ? In Paris, Ferguson or anywhere ?…

What became of “likely” ? And how will YouTube determine the “intent” ?

The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.


Glorification ? Is YouTube going to censor all the famous – and less famous – writers who’ve covered the topic ? Should we soon expect digital book burnings ? And what to make of future Mohamed Bouazizis ?

Are you kidding me ? Is YouTube going puritan the way Facebook has been ?!

Is this humiliation ? By which criteria does YouTube determine whether it was deliberate ? Does “someone” include public figures ? If so, is YouTube rehabilitating the concept of ‘crime of lèse-majesté’ ? Would YouTube “strike” an ordinary citizen for what it deems acceptable coming from a late-show host ?

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Homeopathic climate change… Alexandria, Naomi, can you help me ?…

Is calcium carbonate the new name of sulfuric acid ?…

“Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun”

“With funding in part by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the Harvard team will begin to answer the remaining questions as early as the spring of 2019.”

Scott Pruitt, fmr. head of the EPA

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There is ONE thing still dissociating you from the rest, Don : YOU haven’t started any war !

Bolton (GoT)

“A Times analysis of a video and images publicly released by the U.S. Defense Department indicates that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were in fact stockpiled in Saddam’s ass.”

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« Now, let’s see : how can I whitewash this ?… »

Little Shop of Horrors – The Sequel

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