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“We don’t belong to ourselves”…

La société est une carcasse qui exige que vous adoptiez sa forme. Bien au-delà de la loi, elle-même branlante. Laissez-la vous façonner à son image, et vous voilà un monstre de vacuité, prêt, prosélyte, à faire subir à votre tour les délices de votre frustration. A une cage imperceptible (si vous sourit la fortune !) taxinomiquement elle vous assigne, qui est supposée vous définir intégralement : le bonheur est dans la cage ! Ne reconnaît votre existence qu’à travers elle, alors que c’est la mort qui vous y est promise. L’extinction d’animus comme d’anima, si d’en être doté vous aviez la chance. Elle lui permet de vous cerner : ah, il est gay ! Ah, il est nègre ! Admirable ou répugnant selon les us du moment, mais au moins la cage a-t-elle le mérite d’instituer la règle d’or parmi toutes : chaque chose à sa place ! Il est, laissons-le être, jamais ! Solitude suspecte : où est votre garde-chiourme attitré(e), Monsieur, Madame, vous qui n’êtes que moitié ? Où sont vos role models ? Droits de l’homme en cage, scruté, épié, harcelé, commenté d’aussi obscène façon par le mortel dit sécularisé que ne l’était le semblant de vie intime bourgeoise par les curés de jadis, trop occupés à renifler le cul des autres bêtes que pour se rendre compte de leur propre immoralité cardinale. Licencieuse, sinon illicite, indésirable quoi qu’il en soit. Primates ! Porcs en soutane ! Canards diurnes dégénérés qui caquètent dans la nuit ! Tarde est-il venu éclairer sur le tard ce que spontanément vous aviez déjà ressenti, vécu, ce dont vous aviez fait l’amère expérience, ce que presque partout vous aviez observé : que le mimétisme, bien plus qu’une tendance, qu’un instinct chez d’aucuns, est une effroyable réalité, la plus effroyable peut-être ? Qu’il s’est choisi la bêtise comme alliée et qu’inlassablement, se croyant tout permis, vice décomplexé ou qui se prend pour vertu, il importune les damnés qui lui résistent ? Mimétisme contre résistance, et vice versa ! Mais pas un mot plus haut que l’autre, surtout : vous pourriez heurter à la fois l’amour impropre des bestiaux qui comme tels s’assument et la spécieuse décence par les porcs de l’élite promue entre deux grand-messes, entre deux manigances, avec l’assentiment de la bonne société, omniprésente la violence polie du refoulement, raffinée comme la glaise d’une humanité qui son berceau n’a jamais vraiment quitté. Primates encostumés ! La société est une carcasse. Parce qu’elle est déni bien plus que dépassement.

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To be or not to be : a bit of both, I suppose… But with intensity, albeit without passion. It is a spell as much as it is a blessing, being in-between being and not… A dead end to most, to some life’s elucidation. Never given, to be earned. Quand la fin est morte, les moyens orphelins, triomphe la suite, jusqu’à la fin des fins. Ne dure que l’éphémère, persifle le trouble-fête. Dans la solitude, pourtant, le fugace, pour un temps, paraît ralentir… L’imagination, que la mort pourchasse, est là, qui tient la vie en haleine. Elle est le fruit, et non l’arbre, toutefois, l’aval plutôt que l’amont. A la caverne de l’invraisemblable réalité elle répond par d’autres images, qu’inspire la lucidité, mais dont jamais finalement elle ne se sustente. Sans la lucidité, le savoir est éteint. Et qui parle par l’image ou génère le mot n’est jamais qu’un rouage; à qui communie, en revanche, la science de l’air… La lucidité est un langage muet. Aussi muet que les portes d’un temple où les morts avec les vivants se confondent. Pas de résurrection; il n’y a que mues et alluvions. Superposition. Et marchandises. Write something, even if it’s just a grocery list or a new covenant. Leave a trace throughout the air. Make it so cryptic as to appear almost meaningless. Hide the meaning within. They won’t bother to look; they wouldn’t know how. But what they do know – and, proud, they do without a doubt – is that the meaning they’re not seeking is like the mirror of their being

To assume that one’s existential task is completed when the individual is brought into right relation with society, that is, when the individual has been socialized, is to absolutize society and [religiously] confuse society with God.

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Xenophon Musk : what’s in a (child’s) name ?…

Since, at first, we always tend to give people, even the most superbly pretentious ones, the benefit of the doubt, we will assume “X Æ A-12” is somewhat of a practical joke, the pinnacle of a deranged jet set’s idea of a saillie drolatique aimed at sparking the common folks’ moral outrage or incomprehension at a time of exacerbated political correctness, yet meant to be understood only by a select few…

There is an insoluble tension, you see, which amounts to an outspoken perversity, between the nearly irrepressible desire to be talked about constantly regarding all matters futile or less so, in other words to be the masses’ object of attention – one of them in the glittery pantheon of dim modern stars anyway –, to seek their contact, and the mischievous delight of remaining hermetic by misleading them in word so as not to be understood. It is a bit like an exhibitionist who never gets naked, a vile teaser if you will. But is that not, after all, the idiosyncrasy of celestial tongues ?…

The least one could say is that the official explanation, as so often is the case, leaves a lot to be desired : from such a brilliant nerd mind, we had come to expect so much more. Hence the exercise that follows…

Æ”, the eccentric billionaire explained, has to be pronounced “aesh”. But that this is the acronym of “Algebraic Entry System with Hierarchy”, he has omitted to tell us. Why is it important ? Because of the number 12. More about that later…

Æ” – or rather “a.e.” – is also a mathematical sign meaning “almost everywhere”.

Some of our readers might object that, however similar, “Æ” isn’t quite identical to “a.e.” and, for doing so, we would praise their particularly acute sense of observation. Nevertheless, we will postulate that this is merely a red herring, to be circumvented by the following interpretation : “almost everywhere”, there is genuine fusion between E (Elon) and A (Alaglossa, his trouble and strife’s hidden elven name).

This part of the exposé wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the uncanny transliteration that occurs when endeavoring to make a search for the diphthong in scientific literature…

As you can witness, “Æ” mysteriously shifts into an arrow whose translation, in mathematical language, is twofold :

And that is only where the riddle starts. Indeed, for some obscure reason, the English Wikipedia page to said diphthong dedicated, standing quite alone in promoting so bold a string theory, suggests that, while “Æ” originated in the Latin language, its original form can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphs…

Although this seems unlikely on two counts – one being that the second of those ciphers is actually a logogram (that is to say a gram – or, more accurately, a determinative sign – which solely serves a contextual purpose, and is therefore devoid of pronunciation), the other that, pronunciation-wise, hieroglyphs exclusively match consonants –, there is nonetheless some appeal to this theory in that, by invoking her adherence to the elven realm, Ms. Boucher has unveiled her fascination with the esoteric and the occult.

By the way, what do said hieroglyphs stand for ? On the one hand, there is a man lifting his hands to the sky. The caption even alleges he might be under influence…

And what exactly is this funny character rejoicing about ?

About the offering he is about to make to the head of a bovine deity, for heaven’s sake ! Whether the ox-head is of Chinese inspiration or closer to Moloch remains unanswered at this stage.

To complete the picture, there is the figure of the archangel…

… as well as the number 12. In the kabbalah, the twelfth path, also know as the path of Beth, unmistakably leads to the crown, twelve being the number of fulfillment, of completion, illustrating the perfect architecture of human society : twelve tribes, twelve apostles, etc.

In short, what was presented as the most original, yet chilling, first name for a newborn ever is actually a very elaborate equation of sorts whose likely meaning is the following : “[the existence of] x [a.k.a. the kid] implies, thanks to the fusional relationship between Alaglossa and Elon, which – ‘funk to funky’ – recycled a tiny fragment of star ash into something new, something grand, that the archangel, provided he makes an offering to the ox-head [the C.I.A. ?], will almost everywhere [that is to say : wherever he may roam and whatever discipline he engages in] fly high in the sky and, reaching the top of every hierarchy thanks to the precedence of favorable algorithms, end up wearing the crown”…

But who does the figure of the archangel stand for : the to-be-billionaire child or the already-billionaire himself ? Is the archangel a creature of light, “non-violent” indeed ? If so, can he maintain his status while sealing a pact with the devil ? And, lastly, if the equation pertains more to the child’s expected accomplishments than to his current identity, minimalistically limited to “just ‘x’, the letter ‘x’”, in other words if his complete identity depends, from his parents’ point of view, on said accomplishments materializing, wouldn’t it have been charitable, were it only to avoid nefarious associations, to grant the neonate a full first name in the meantime, one that would reflect the vision and glory of the Musk name of course, as well as the originality that is its trademark : Xerxes for instance (Beware of Artabanus, though…) or Xenophon ?…

However that may be, considering, as was made clear in the prologue of this presentation, that this rather unorthodox variant of name-dropping probably amounted to nothing more than a practical joke the state of California would require a huge bribe to ratify, the utterly speculative nature of what precedes speaks for itself.

So does the realization that, behind this entire charade, meant to once more stress how exceptionally unique some individuals with money and fame are, said individuals’ banality reveals itself in its crude splendor : it didn’t take a week for the Musks to overwhelm the little one’s shoulders with an awful weight, the weight of their own aspirations for him. Wishing him to live wisely and wishing him the best was evidently not enough; like any trivial bourgeois mother and father, they had to stick to wishing he be the best

Be brave, Xenophon ! May ye in time find solace in thine own projections…




Biden, Trump, Macron, etc. Aren’t you tired of hearing those same names all the time, as if they were our only common reality ? Don’t you feel dirty, abused, when you yourself have to pronounce them ? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to refer to those in the power game in a way that better befits their man-machine being and would allow us to finally draw a red line between us and them ? An example :

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“Interwetting each other”…

We two boys together clinging,

One the other never leaving,

Up and down the roads going, North and South excursions making,

Power enjoying, elbows stretching, fingers clutching,

Arm’d and fearless, eating, drinking, sleeping, loving.

No law less than ourselves owning, sailing, soldiering, thieving,


Misers, menials, priests alarming, air breathing, water drinking, on

the turf or the sea-beach dancing,

Cities wrenching, ease scorning, statutes mocking, feebleness chasing,

Fulfilling our foray.

quartz crystal

« Plus est en vous »

Masturbating Meinungsführers

Creators of the wonderful

Hither and thither

For the ignorant masses

Multiplicating knowledge infinite

Where hides the music

In your catechetic pornography, proud and vain ?

None there seems to be, not even silent, that I can hear

All you erudite hammers hammering

In the unquiet void…

Eclipsed by truth

To be followed,

Where are your questions ?

 What do you stimulate,

Organic highbrows

Of one hegemony the other fighting

As ever childishly

Encaged, enchained by vulgar chimaeras ?

Exhibitionists of an ego that is all about ideas,

Is this the meaning of it all ?

Is this it ?

Is this at all ?

Our being


Of the terrible doubt of appearances,

Of the uncertainty after all, that we may be deluded,

That may-be reliance and hope are but speculations after all,

That may-be identity beyond the grave is a beautiful fable only,

May-be the things I perceive, the animals, plants, men, hills,

shining and flowing waters,

The skies of day and night, colors, densities, forms, may-be these

are (as doubtless they are) only apparitions, and the real

something has yet to be known,

(How often they dart out of themselves as if to confound me and mock me!

How often I think neither I know, nor any man knows, aught of them,)

May-be seeming to me what they are (as doubtless they indeed but seem)

as from my present point of view, and might prove (as of course they

would) nought of what they appear, or nought anyhow, from entirely

changed points of view;

To me these and the like of these are curiously answer’d by my

lovers, my dear friends,

When he whom I love travels with me or sits a long while holding me

by the hand,

When the subtle air, the impalpable, the sense that words and reason

hold not, surround us and pervade us,

Then I am charged with untold and untellable wisdom, I am silent, I

require nothing further,

I cannot answer the question of appearances or that of identity

beyond the grave,

But I walk or sit indifferent, I am satisfied,

He ahold of my hand has completely satisfied me.

crystal ball

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Il est vingt heures…

Comme le coucou qui, à heure fixe, sort de sa pendule, les clapping monkeys, réglés comme des automates, sont de sortie sur leur balcon, sur leur terrasse, dans leur jardin : « coucou, coucou, coucou »… Trois petits applaudissements convenus et puis s’en retournent silencieusement dans leurs esprits confinés, dont ils ont fait le standard général, mécaniquement répétitif et vain.

Désespérément incapables ne serait-ce que de songer à s’unir par la pensée ou, se munissant de haut-parleurs ou de micros si nécessaire, à tour de rôle, par la poésie, la musique, la lecture d’extraits de romans qui font écho aux tourments présents, la lecture du nom des personnes éventuellement passées de vie à trépas dans la commune ou le quartier, ou que sais-je encore ! Quelque chose qui donnerait une putain de consistance aux silhouettes pour l’heure creuses, quelque chose qui les animerait, quelque chose de non formaté à applaudir, bordel de merde !

La médiocrité, je vous dis ! Qui signale – ou rappelle – avec fracas à qui veut en tirer profit sa domestication pérenne !

C’est leur droit bien sûr, mais quid du droit de ceux – je m’adresse ici à tous les autres qui ne sont pas pour autant des monstres froids – qui aspirent à évoluer comme ils l’entendent alors qu’ils sont encerclés à tout moment, couronne ou pas, par cette masse de crétins finis dont la calamiteuse idiotie, le mimétisme terrifiant, trouveront toujours le moyen, c’est à craindre, de faire majorité pour que se fassent collectivement entuber tous les pseudo-citoyens de cette société primitive ?!

Je t’en donnerai, moi, du « dire nous » !

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Comment, après tant de tentatives futilement détournées, faire enfin comprendre aux médiocres ?

Je rêve d’un lieu à l’écart, préservé de l’humaine jungle. Un lieu par-delà les caricatures du capitalisme et du collectivisme imposés, et les névroses prosélytiques de leurs âmes pourries respectives. Un lieu où l’abolition de la force serait de cette dernière la consécration. Un lieu où sérénité ferait loi, sans préjudice de la saine dispute. Un lieu où la dignité ne serait objet de lutte. Où le contrôle social serait vain mot. Un lieu d’éthique, sans la moindre discipline déférentielle et sans autre rite que d’exception, si le justifie un préjudice concret. Au sens étymologique peut-être, mais une secte au sens pratique, certainement pas, par conséquent. Une religion, pas davantage. Un lieu d’individus, certains mystiques si telle est leur inclination, s’assemblant uniquement au gré de leurs affinités, n’empiétant sur rien ni personne, ayant cette basique maturité. Loin des instincts grégaires, de toute volonté puérile d’imposer, de la bassesse et de l’aigreur qui se projettent dans la nuisance comme de toute intrigue de salon. Un lieu où personne n’est tout et personne n’est rien, mais chacun(e) est, paisiblement. Un lieu hermétique à la médiocrité des sentiments et à l’épanouissement de façade, au vernis destructeur; que les médiocres, enfin, se harcèlent et s’adoubent donc entre eux, ailleurs, si du respect d’eux-mêmes il leur reste une once ! Ce lieu ne les en empêcherait pas car, même si l’émulation pourrait l’amener à s’étendre, il n’exercerait sur le dehors aucune forme de domination. Il n’abriterait aucune nation et ne poserait comme condition d’admission, à l’exclusion de tout autre critère, que ces seules aspirations.  Ce serait un lieu de demains, sans rupture spirituelle automatique avec l’hier de chacun. Un lieu qui aucun assentiment ne requiert, mais un lieu sans vos interférences nuisibles dans les existences individuelles, sans le boulet de vos codes asociaux aussi rigides dans leur oblicité que fossilisés dans leur malsain souci de surdéterminer celles-ci. Un lieu de spiritualité pratique, de profondeur et de sincérité, dont vos pathétiques jeux de rôle fonctionnalistes éloignent irrémédiablement. Un lieu au plus près de l’essence, qui seule, éclipsant tous les paravents de fortune, donne sens à la matérialité de l’être et que par ignorance, automates primitifs et révolus, vous abhorrez ! Un lieu qui n’est pas synonyme de fuite mais de nécessité vitale contrainte pour les successeurs des hommes- et femmes-singes. Un lieu qui est, et plusieurs fois s’est offert à vous mais que, par crainte, mimétisme et égoïsme borné, vous avez fui. Tournant le dos à la prison que vous dites société, dont plus rien – surtout pas vous ! – ne me permet désormais d’envisager qu’elle puisse changer pour le meilleur, tout simplement un lieu de vie ! De ce lieu, je rêve, je l’ai écrit, mais qu’il se matérialise ou non, la médiocrité, jamais ! Pas même, cela va sans dire, si vous parveniez à me tuer. Que sa forme soit riche grâce à votre absence ou pauvre de votre fait, ma victoire contre vous, médiocres, est déjà acquise. Parce que vous êtes désespérément ce que vous êtes. Et parce que je diffère de vous. Même s’il m’a fallu, pour vous renvoyer votre arrogance et vous y faire ainsi goûter, écrire un billet qui, en ce lieu, n’aurait aucune raison d’être. Un billet qu’ici vos assauts répétés, sournois et infâmes, ont rendu légitime…

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Ever heard of a CME, you gullible sheeple ?!

They don’t want us to panic. That much is clear. I mean : they don’t want us to panic in a way that would involve looting, property destruction or shooting somebody in Fifth Ave. in broad daylight. Why is that ?

It occurred to me that this entire crisis might actually be a cover-up for something a lot worse yet. Something huge. Oh yeah ! “What then ?” I hear you ask. Well…

Bear with me, because there’s no way this is irrational…

They’re saying that in 2079, the thing will fly by as close as 5 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Peanuts, if you ask me… Okay, this time around, it should be thrice as much. But how does this look to you ? Tell me…

Something’s going on. I may not be able to produce evidence, but like someone famous once said : “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”, is it ?

As a matter of fact, even if there’s no tangible proof, there are clear indications : the thing is called OR2, just like SARS-CoV-2. Now, it may be a coincidence, but here’s where it gets real interesting : 5+2+7+6+8 = 28, 2+8 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. Try to figure that out. You know what else merges into 1 : Genesis 7:21 ! And if you think it’s a little far-fetched, you should check out what the following expert has to say about it before bragging about how your science is better than mine and all… As Gramsci said, “the old world is dying, there needs to be a new Genesis. In the meantime, let’s P.A.U.S.E. ©”…

To enter into a collision course with Earth, 52768 would need a little a help…

And you think that because the Sun is taking a little nap right now, that won’t happen ?

Wake up ! Stop fooling yourselves !

Do you think the Wickerman held a secret meeting about it a month ago just for the fun of it ?

Are you gonna wait until ProPublica reveals he too has been dumping his stocks to believe the obvious ?

Add an ‘l’ to ‘corona’ and you get a… 12 ! And therefore a 3 !

When you look at it that way, it all makes sense… For days, leftists have been begging for their alternative Líder to show up : “don’t leave us in the dark, daddy”, they implore…

Where is he ? you ask. You really need me to spell it out for you ? Continuity of government, dummies ! Even if it’s a little premature… He’s in O.R.B.I.T. is where he is. Somewhere above mere mortals…

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Stumbled upon this yesterday…

utistudent099 [aka Henry Rollins ?]

It’s better to be alone than be surrounded by those [who] make you feel alone.”  – Robin Williams


Thinking outside the box is one thing (and you don’t necessarily need anyone to do so). Feeling helpless when confronted to the amount of people still in the box another one entirely. Some people need to ‘belong’, others don’t or do less, or would rather be alone than belong to a f*cking tribe : if individual universalism is what you’re after, being confined to a tribal atmosphere is poison, or just another box.

By saying : “you are depressed”, you’re actually merely reflecting the dominant narrative, since you’re putting a standard label on someone that doesn’t say much about what that person thinks, feels or ambitions, does it ? In other words, you’re judging and imposing your own viewpoint, denying the other their say. Why not start with : “you are” ? Being acknowledged in one’s existence as one chooses to define it, aside from profession as well as contractual and commercial relationships, is the very first step, without which no other matters. Absent said acknowledgement, the possibility of suicide is crucial. The mediocre want you to kill yourself (not as a possibility) and they’re doing their utmost to reach that goal because, to some, it’s fun and, to others, it’s just the way it has to be. But outside interventionism decreeing the issue taboo only makes things worse because it implies one doesn’t belong to oneself, which may often be the very reason behind suicidal tendencies. Both are products of the system : outside interventionism that sticks to the label is linear, thus useless.

Chemicals turning people into vegetables are a solution to no one, but there is no one solution – or even cause – that fits everyone.

What is ‘depression’ in an hyper-pressured (and -pressuring) society if not reacquiring time ? What is ‘depression’ if not a labeled difference that needs to be ‘treated’ ? What is ‘depression’ if not lucidity ?…

Hi, so glad to meet you. What do you do for a living ?

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This is what it all comes down to, really : proving Hugo right !

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RIP Ram Alpert !

Ram Dass (December 22, 2019 – April 6, 1931)

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