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Drumpf-Cliton : actual threat or boogie man ? Presidential election or masquerade ?

All those who have lived a little, which is to say all those who know politics for what it is, have been asking themselves the same question since long before the primaries : what part is the real estate stud actually playing ?…

I, for one, didn’t wait until some furious Texan bull who was interviewing him live by phone during his soothing talk-show, last December, abruptly asked him if his candidacy was for real to postulate it might very well not be. But that rather peculiar interview prompted me to briefly reply, by means of a temporary post, to one of the numerous op-eds the French press was already dedicating to CBS’s CEO’s preferred actor. In that reply, I suggested it would be reasonable to think Drumpf might be her first choice as a Republican nominee. Her, you know, the one from ‘I stand with her’, Lucy from Pennsylvania Avenue…

LucyAt the time, Drumpf was already behaving like a Beavis on steroids, tweeting the most surreal BS and alienating voters by the score, but contrary to elitist belief it seemed to do him good. In fact, he was doing so well in the polls probably he himself couldn’t fathom how far he had been able to push his main-street disdain for peasant-voters without consequence.

Since then, we know he has gotten away with almost everything, from recommending sanctions against women performing abortion to sticking his short middle finger into some half-famous Texan (!) vagina, and from erecting a second Great Wall – the cherry on his pie – to advocating religious discrimination. It’s as if his aficionados are either so stupid, so brainwashed, so hypnotized or so deeply mad at the system that their guru can do and say nothing wrong : are they even listening still ?

Yesterday, however, Pennywise may have crossed a major red line by openly asking a foreign power to hack into his old friend Cliton’s e-mail servers, or to produce the result of prior such hacks : “Russia, if you’re listening”, he said in a video address during a Miami, FL, campaign meeting, “I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing”. Whether a source told him the remaining emails have vanished forever, whether this move is actually meant to prevent their public release by the country he’s identifying as the most probable hacker (or another… say Israel, for instance), which would somehow cater to his presidential bid, whether, au contraire, he wants it to happen and would use the opportunity to turn the tide of US-Russian relations, or finally, whether he was told it was some domestic intelligence agency that dumped the earlier set of emails on the Wikileaks freighter as a retaliation against some secretary’s gross negligence, and therefore knows there’s no further move to expect from them at this moment, doesn’t matter much. Then again, if none of the above applies (which seems unlikely), if he just acted recklessly, and if said emails were to resurface in the coming days or weeks, it would mean he risked jeopardizing his entire present endeavor.

Indeed, taken at face value, the statement itself already produced a series of effects of its own, starting with a variety of counterpunches from both the Democratic and the Republican side, ranging from outright condemnations to oral or tweeted palimpsests. But that doesn’t matter much either : it is clear to everyone that the Republican political establishment is completely out of play (which they know all too well), and Drumpf’s own goal might actually amount to his final declaration of independence.

But when even a bunch of funky Defense officials, including a former Supreme Allied Commander, get into the game and teach the not-yet-Commander-in-Chief a few lessons, does it really matter to Drumpf’s highly militaristic Republican base that some of them might favor his opponent ? Undoubtedly, the calculated gaffe will sound like music in the ears of all the real men in the free world to whom the Kremlin’s macho man n°1, when compared to Drone Central, is nothing short of a role model, all those whose sense of honor is purportedly sacrosanct : it’s not hard to imagine the above mentioned bull jerking off to it in replay. But how will Drumpf’s remarks be met beyond that relatively small select circle ? The candidate could not ignore this is likely to cost him a few points in the polls. And he must have known it would also be the final straw to the last remaining undecided Libertarians.

What then ? Did he torpedo his own campaign because he had taken the lead in most polls for the past two weeks ? Let’s consider this possibility for a minute. Let’s remember what a departing POTUS said during his last White House Correspondents gala : he was quite positive the Donald initially only applied for his job to boost his commercial activities. Drumpf may look like a fool, but he’s not foolish enough not to realize him sitting in that oval office would lead to an unparalleled disaster…

In the meantime, the fearmongering on the (so-called) left has reached unprecedented heights since the last minor obstacle to Thursday’s anointment temporarily left the scene : fearful female activists are hiding under their bed sheets as Scalia’s ghost is waiting for its reincarnation, gay couples are preparing for their last kisses, academics are biting their nails, young black people are afraid blue militias will start shooting them for no reason and nobody will be able to do anything about it, and so on and so forth. Even those bearded guys from far away are imploring Allah to protect them against the B61-twelves…

B61-12Whatever the speculations and however clear and present the domestic danger portrayed, this campaign proves to be a fantastic drill allowing a wide range of observers to examine on a nationwide scale how easily indoctrinated voters can be made to be (again), how fear (not the same fear but fear nonetheless) can cement the right and the left together (again), and, after the disappointing interlude of the Summer of 2013, how ready for new adventures America is (again), whoever the next incumbent. Were the unafraid Sandernistas having a negative impact on the experiment ? Could that be the reason why the brass insisted the revolutionary page be turned swiftly, and why the first autocratic female presidential candidate seems better off without an army of fresh recruits ?…

If the threat is verified, the irony may be misplaced. But if the masquerade is established, what about this frightening demand for unanimism?…


A few light changes, mainly nuances, were brought to this post after publication. Last edition date : July 29, 2016.


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« Je sais maintenant qu’à l’origine, le chaos fut illuminé d’un immense éclat de rire. »

“Vorwürfe aus Israel: Nato beunruhigt über möglichen Chemiewaffen-Einsatz in Syrien”

DER SPIEGEL, Dienstag, 23.04.2013 – 16:00 Uhr

Nato-Generalsekretär Rasmussen: « Ich kann versichern, dass wir vorbereitet sind« 


“Die Reaktionen folgten prompt: Nach den Anschuldigungen durch den israelischen Militärgeheimdienst gegen Syrien zeigt sich die Nato « extrem besorgt » über den möglichen Einsatz von Chemiewaffen in dem kriegsgebeutelten Land. Bei einem Treffen der Nato-Außenminister am Dienstag in Brüssel sagte Nato-Generalsekretär Anders Fogh Rasmussen, das Bündnis habe Pläne für Notfälle, um jederzeit ihr Bündnismitglied Türkei schützen zu können.”

Yonatan Shapira

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères de la France en visite en Israël / Palestine (23-24/08/13)

« Own people » is the key concept here…

A problem in Morocco ? Putting aside the release of a whole set of Spanish prisoners, including known pedophiles, is there something we ought to know ?…

 “[Hague :] Syrian offer on UN team ‘too little, too late’ ”

Military response to chemical weapons attack from west on table despite decision to allow inspectors in.


Northrop Grumman - évolution du cours de l'action (10 ans - août 2013)Lockheed Martin - évolution du cours de l'action (10 ans - août 2013)


 Syria appears to have bowed to international pressure to allow UN investigators to travel to the scene of last week’s chemical weapons attack in Damascus, allowing a forensic science team to visit the site on Monday. […]

The foreign secretary, William Hague, said it was « clear it was the Assad regime » that had carried out the attack, while a US official told reporters the move was « too late to be credible ».

Hague’s remarks added impetus to a mounting international readiness for a military response to the attack, which is believed to have killed hundreds and has significantly increased the threat of intervention in Syria. […]

Tehran and Damascus on Sunday warned against any form of western response, which Syrian state television said would turn the region into a « ball of flame ».

« we cannot, in the 21st century, allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity, that people can be killed in this way and that there are no consequences for it « , Hague said. […]

Government sources insisted that Britain would only act in a lawful way, but the government does not believe that necessarily requires a UN security council resolution. Intervention could be justified legally on humanitarian grounds, or under international law relating to chemical weapons.

“Wat moet er gebeuren in Syrië ? – Rudi Vranckx”


N.B. le titre est une citation de René Daumal.

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