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« Je sais maintenant qu’à l’origine, le chaos fut illuminé d’un immense éclat de rire. »

“Vorwürfe aus Israel: Nato beunruhigt über möglichen Chemiewaffen-Einsatz in Syrien”

DER SPIEGEL, Dienstag, 23.04.2013 – 16:00 Uhr

Nato-Generalsekretär Rasmussen: « Ich kann versichern, dass wir vorbereitet sind« 


“Die Reaktionen folgten prompt: Nach den Anschuldigungen durch den israelischen Militärgeheimdienst gegen Syrien zeigt sich die Nato « extrem besorgt » über den möglichen Einsatz von Chemiewaffen in dem kriegsgebeutelten Land. Bei einem Treffen der Nato-Außenminister am Dienstag in Brüssel sagte Nato-Generalsekretär Anders Fogh Rasmussen, das Bündnis habe Pläne für Notfälle, um jederzeit ihr Bündnismitglied Türkei schützen zu können.”

Yonatan Shapira

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères de la France en visite en Israël / Palestine (23-24/08/13)

« Own people » is the key concept here…

A problem in Morocco ? Putting aside the release of a whole set of Spanish prisoners, including known pedophiles, is there something we ought to know ?…

 “[Hague :] Syrian offer on UN team ‘too little, too late’ ”

Military response to chemical weapons attack from west on table despite decision to allow inspectors in.


Northrop Grumman - évolution du cours de l'action (10 ans - août 2013)Lockheed Martin - évolution du cours de l'action (10 ans - août 2013)


 Syria appears to have bowed to international pressure to allow UN investigators to travel to the scene of last week’s chemical weapons attack in Damascus, allowing a forensic science team to visit the site on Monday. […]

The foreign secretary, William Hague, said it was « clear it was the Assad regime » that had carried out the attack, while a US official told reporters the move was « too late to be credible ».

Hague’s remarks added impetus to a mounting international readiness for a military response to the attack, which is believed to have killed hundreds and has significantly increased the threat of intervention in Syria. […]

Tehran and Damascus on Sunday warned against any form of western response, which Syrian state television said would turn the region into a « ball of flame ».

« we cannot, in the 21st century, allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity, that people can be killed in this way and that there are no consequences for it « , Hague said. […]

Government sources insisted that Britain would only act in a lawful way, but the government does not believe that necessarily requires a UN security council resolution. Intervention could be justified legally on humanitarian grounds, or under international law relating to chemical weapons.

“Wat moet er gebeuren in Syrië ? – Rudi Vranckx”


N.B. le titre est une citation de René Daumal.

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