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Yeah, huh, YouTube, about that…

How likely is it for ‘likely’ to have any legal value whatsoever ? For instance, does it mean the following video would be taken down ?

If so, does this mean the legacy media will no longer be able to obtain and purchase footage of events they haven’t covered themselves ?

And that the judiciary, assuming it wants to, won’t be able to use said footage against the perpetrators of those “violent acts” ? In Paris, Ferguson or anywhere ?…

What became of “likely” ? And how will YouTube determine the “intent” ?

The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.


Glorification ? Is YouTube going to censor all the famous – and less famous – writers who’ve covered the topic ? Should we soon expect digital book burnings ? And what to make of future Mohamed Bouazizis ?

Are you kidding me ? Is YouTube going puritan the way Facebook has been ?!

Is this humiliation ? By which criteria does YouTube determine whether it was deliberate ? Does “someone” include public figures ? If so, is YouTube rehabilitating the concept of ‘crime of lèse-majesté’ ? Would YouTube “strike” an ordinary citizen for what it deems acceptable coming from a late-show host ?

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