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So, let me get this straight…

It takes Trump’s faux pas (?) in Ukraine for CNN to start mentioning Hunter Biden’s potentially dirty business (under the auspices of his father). But that’s all swell and dandy ?…

Foreign corruption in said country, potentially involving a presidential candidate, shouldn’t be investigated, then ? Not even if that may mean a foreign country has potential kompromat on a wannabe-president it might decide to use against him later ? And despite the possibility there might be personal enrichment involved ? Talking about double standards…

‘objective’ angles

In other words,

Is that the news ? Instead of : “Giuliani freaking out as usual is no reason for CNN to cover up Hunter Biden’s dubious business” ?

You turned your tragic family history into a marketing tool. Ya shoulda known, Joe…

Luckily, voters now do know, before the primary concludes, how easily a former heavyweight could be crushed in the second round, and whether corruption continuity (?) is the way they want to go…

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This, you need to understand, lady : my (desired) way of life is not yours. Respecting and preserving that difference is what should define “our way of life”. A steel ruler won’t get you there; alchemy will…


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R to the E to the I to the C to the H… What does that spell ?

Sometimes, I like to compare the European Union, as a creation, to the organization of empires. Because we have the dimension of empires. But there is a great difference : the empires were usually made through force, with a center that was imposing a diktat, a will, on the others, [whereas] now we have what some authors call the first non-imperial empire. […] I believe it’s a great construction and we should be proud of it. At least, we, in the Commission, are proud of our Union.

Thus spoke a prominent Goldman Sachs employee some 12 years ago, a few months before unveiling the Lisbon Treaty, which would essentially paraphrase the content of a proposed European Constitution that had been rejected by the French and Dutch peoples through a May/June 2005 referendum, adding to it a few draconian measures regarding national budget discipline (read : austerity), and a few years before the memorable clash between “the center’s diktats” and Greece, which, despite its many economic and budgetary flaws, had been admitted into the Eurozone in 1999 following Goldman Sachs’s advice and data manipulation.

Back then already, notwithstanding the careful wording and impressionist nuances, likening the EU to an empire was not particularly well received outside the often hermetic cocoon of European bureaucracy…

Oxford’s Lexico (a.k.a. dictionary) defines an empire as “an extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state” (emphasis mine). When we think of empires, we think of merry colonization (The East India Company, Africa, the Americas), of happy conquests and invasions in comparison to which the Crimea incident was merely a walk in the park (De Bello Gallico, Full Metal Jacket, etc.), of war (which is far from being the nation-state’s monopoly) and of course of strong yet joyful Führer figures making those dreams come true (Napoleon and Palpatine among others). In regard to the latter, how could Orwell not come to mind : “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” ?

Domestically, empire always stands for iron-fist rule, abuse of power and political regression, since there is a huge distance (both geographically and democratically) between the emperor and his suite on the one hand, and his subjects on the other hand. The concept of emperor is a Hobbesian one; ‘t is the Republic which gave birth to the notion of citizen, as well as to said citizen’s – and by extension to the individual’s – rights. It is against an empire that the American Revolution took shape : “a great Empire, like a great Cake, is most easily diminished at the Edges.” And it is ultimately at the expense of continental empires that the European Enlightenment rose, bloody though the transition may have been (yet didn’t need to be) : “A truly great man will neither trample on a worm nor sneak to an emperor.

In an empire, there is no room for grassroot initiatives. And every empire always attempts to crush dissent. Yet, it is this obsolescent form of (manly) power, not a flexible, mature and visionary federation, the most intrepid of fools are advocating for Europe, obviously failing to realize that if anything unites Europeans right now (particularly the younger ones), whether they’re desperately clinging to their precious little nation-state like oysters to a rock or jumping over borders like goats in heat do over fences, it is their aversion to rigid, impersonal superstructures telling everyone how to behave.

For a self-proclaimed liberal paradoxically fond of the latter, it seems, to boldly cross the Channel and, in these trying times, indirectly preach to Perfidious Albion’s unconverted, all impressionist nuances aside, therefore required a yet unmatched level of democratic commitment and political finesse only a seasoned strategist with the charisma of a teen emperor on amphetamines like Goofy Guy could flaunt with such unrestrained bravado. Hail maestro !


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That time again, huh ? (Look, mom, I’m a journalist…)

Bill Keller, fmr. editor-in-chief of the NYT (strong believer in the WMD narrative and resolute proponent of the invasion of Iraq)

Ret. Gen. Mark Hertling said the images « really don’t show anything, other than pretty good accuracy on the strike of the oil tanks.” Ret. Adm. John Kirby echoed this point, stating « there is nothing I see in these pictures which confirms a launch from any particular location.« 

« I’m struck by the precision of the strikes. Almost pin-prick, » Kirby said. « Certainly possible with (unmanned aerial vehicles). But again, that doesn’t really confirm anything.« 


“Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s new company is reportedly operating in Iraq, a country from which his former company was banned for killing civilians.

A subsidiary of Frontier Services Group, a security and logistics company Prince founded in Hong Kong, has set up shop in Basra, Iraq, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday, citing official documents. The subsidiary, the Dubai-based Frontier Logistics Consultancy DMCC, has officially registered as a foreign company with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade, an official document from last year shows.

In March, Prince told Al Jazeera that he hoped to see FSG supporting oil operations in countries like Iraq. Their subsidiary is operating out of Basra, which is located in the oil-rich southern region.”


Jeremy Scahill : First of all, Erik Prince seldom has been subjected to the kind of real journalistic scrutiny face-to-face that you unleashed on him. So, I congratulate you for that. This is an incredibly slippery character who has repeatedly attempted to graymail the U.S. government by basically saying if you come after me, I’m going to tell the public or prosecutors where the bodies are buried in these various wars where you’ve contracted me to work for the CIA or the State Department or the Pentagon. But one sidebar of interesting kind of palace intrigue here, Mehdi is that Don Jr., I understand from sources, thinks that Erik Prince is like a mixture of you know, Rambo, Jason Bourne, and Oliver North and that it sort of ups their cool kid credibility to be around Erik Prince.

So, part of what was happening is that you have Erik Prince, comes from a very wealthy family, early on they decide that Trump is going to be their man. They start pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Erik Prince, and this story doesn’t get talked about enough, has been a longtime backer of Vice President Mike Pence. I don’t know that Donald Trump knew Erik Prince before the 2016 election cycle or he knew him well. Mike Pence certainly does. And the fact that this meeting that you’re questioning Erik Prince about was centered around Iran policy. And we know that Mike Pence and now John Bolton is in power and Mike Pompeo — these guys ultimately want war with Iran. And Erik Prince was a guy who could help them in a kind of, off the books way, put some things in motion before Trump even took power so that they could move forward with a very hawkish aggressive plan on Iran. And what was amazing to me about your interview, Mehdi, is that Erik Prince refused to say that he has any aspiration to do anything regarding Iran. His entire career indicates that he has viewed Iran as a regime that must be brought down by any means necessary covert and overt. So, at best he was obfuscating with you. But you know, more likely, he was just lying to your face because he thinks he’s above the law.

Mehdi Hasan : MH: What’s so amazing is that he volunteered to me that the meeting was about “Iran policy” as if that somehow makes it less suspicious, less controversial. As you say, here is a guy with a hawkish record on Iran, founder of a mercenary company in a secret meeting in Trump Tower with the Republican presidential candidate’s idiot son Don Jr., his white nationalist adviser Stephen Miller, neither of whom are foreign policy experts, and they’re joined by a representative for the Emiratis and the Saudis and the Israeli head of a social media company.


A ret. Gen. and a ret. Adm. on the verge of senility ? The new Axis of Evil poking fun at Trump by testing his military resolution, a week from the UN’s General Assembly meeting ? Too hasty a validation of the Houthis’ claim by Tehran for there not to be something fishy behind it ? A Houthi militia with enough training and experience (of drones, of precision-guided munitions, of the terrain) to carry out such a sophisticated endeavor, or just eager to boost their rep ? A completely schizophrenic reformist/conservative Iranian hydra sending the country’s minister of Foreign Affairs to Biarritz, yet on the verge of starting a war with Saudia and the US three weeks later ? Mad Persians pushing their luck the Assad way without clear motive (and without gas this time !) or, on the contrary, rationally firing a few dissuasive warning shots to show what they’re capable of (under the nose of the USS Lincoln !), and what an actual war would look like ? Even if the points of impact can be indicative of the weapons’ trajectory, how difficult is it for a drone to make a 90- or a 180-degree shift ? Israeli involvement ? Saudi masochism (Rumor has it MBS has built quite an impressive dungeon for himself.) ? Bolton’s resignation on Thursday, Oil Apocalypse on Saturday : a coincidence ? As is the partial (5 %, for now) privatization of Aramco (“Nobody would want to buy shares in a company whose oil fields are on fire or under rocket barrage.” says Forbes. Really ? Even if this means the share price goes down or a critical security infrastructure has to be put in place, with a little help from some US corporations ?) ? If not a coincidence, what does it imply ? Instantaneous opportunism on the part of Iran ? A willingness to carry out a long-prepared plan in a rush, both because of and despite this latest development ? A mutiny within the US government, Bolton, his inner circle and his distant allies being less submissive than Tillerson, Mattis et al. ? Or is it all, Bolton’s last-minute firing included, just Chinese kabuki theater justified by plausible deniability ? FSG in the mix ? A pre-war climax to give the Iranians a real incentive to talk while making clear who the boss is ? None of that really matters, says Bloomberg : questions and hard evidence, as 2003 has shown, are superfluous; ite missa est… Or so they seem to hope. Because, you see, in a democracy, the role of the news media is to oversimplify an immensely complex situation, not to render its complexity to the public. It is not to investigate (a little longer than a day or two), but to (immediately) call for military action !

Justin B. Smith, Bloomberg Media CEO

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Drive out, lock up, cast off…

There are various ways of ignoring people, of denying them their say, and thereby their very existence.

You can ignore them and hope the mere fact of ignoring them will erase them from society : despite giving constant lip service to the middle class, not even once did Saint Barack, whether during his presidential campaigns or afterwards, mention poor people, let alone the homeless. Why would he have, knowing his actual constituents, the ones on his donors list, don’t care ? To the saint and his sometimes cumbersome entourage, for others to be extremely poor or homeless is just part of the normal order of things : even if equal opportunity were more than just a hollow slogan meant to clear the owner class’s conscience – provided they have any –, isn’t it normal indeed for hundreds of thousands of people to live like – often urban – prehistoric men and women unable to ensure their basic dignity in supposedly enlightened digital societies ? Doesn’t the Grand Liberal Design require this abject discrepancy to deploy its full potential, its greatness, and keep the man-machines obedient (as long as possible) ? Wouldn’t it be “a bunch of malarkey” to pretend those subcitizens are not the sole responsible for their abnormal normalcy ? Learning not to care, isn’t that the first sworn duty of a (wo)man of power ? Isn’t it the cornerstone of the teachings of the Bohemian Club and other – better hidden – select circles for the wellborn : Dionysiac orgies in the middle of neo-Dickensian misery ? In other words, decadence ?…

Often throughout history, when merely ignoring a group of people proved unsatisfactory in getting rid of them, the elites resorted to depriving said people of their humanity, usually by reducing them to  rodents, insects or vermin : to Thousand Hills Radio (Radio Mille Collines), for instance, Rwandan Tutsis were but cockroaches. Qualifying them as such was an essential step in the extermination process : if they weren’t human, how could killing them ever amount to a crime against humanity ?

In emerging dystopian societies, where massacring, for some obscure reason, still remains taboo, it is possible, however, while (falsely) essentializing a particular race or creed, to view another group of people as a burden, a nuisance, and to eradicate their presence, for lack of a more permanent and final solution, all while only elliptically referring to them, that is to say without ever mentioning them as human beings. The homeless don’t get butchered in Trumpland any more than they do in Orbanland; they’re only left to die on the cold (or boiling) concrete. Yet, in the former country, they are not even deemed worthy of being equated with another organic lifeform, however repugnant : logically, “those who are nothing” simply are not

Were it not for the angle chosen to do so, one might argue tackling the indignity of homelessness at least has the merit of breaking with the myopic hypocrisy which consists in flying to the rescue of the homeless fellow human beings when the Orange Menace looms, but leaving them to their sorry destiny the rest of the time. But the angle, of course, is everything : there is no fellowship, there are no human beings. There’s only a $ 413+ million inheritance !


In a country where voting is optional and, usually, the poor either choose the other option because they’ve lost faith in the greatest democracy in the world, or find out what they thought was their most fundamental democratic right is not a given, any politician knows they have nothing to gain electorally by emphasizing the ethical need to lift 500,000+ people out of their modern prehistoric condition – for good. Those who do nonetheless, and who lay out concrete plans to reach that basic goal demonstrate electoral arithmetics are not their primary concern; the people are ! All of them. Every single one of them. Despite the renewed brutality of the times, those politicians have remained faithful to both the ideal and the practice of true Humanism. Perhaps that is what U.S. voters should start looking for when trying to determine whether a candidacy for president is viable or not…

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« And it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fightin’ for ? »

“I’m pro-single-payer health care. Is that right-wing or is that left-wing anymore? Well, if you have a lot of people, a large swath of the company, or country, are suffering, then I think that we owe it to all Americans to do right by them and to help them out.”

CPC logo

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Mind the tube, BoJo !

Tory donors tell Boris Johnson: time for a deal with Nigel Farage

Conservative Party donors have urged Boris Johnson to strike a deal with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party before calling a general election.

With speculation mounting that Johnson is preparing to call an autumn poll, some Tory donors have lobbied the prime minister to consider an electoral pact with the Brexit Party, which won the most seats in May’s European elections. Under the idea, the Brexit Party could agree not to stand against Tory Brexiteer candidates, while the Tories would not fight metropolitan Labour seats in the north of England, where the Brexit Party is strong.

Supporters of a pact say it would change the arithmetic in parliament and bring in a crop of new MPs who support Brexit.


Revealed: Election pact between Johnson and Farage edges closer

Channels opened between Downing Street and the Brexit Party. Arron Banks prepared to donate substantial funds to Tories if a pact with Farage put in place


To say that insurance tycoon Arron Banks is a controversial businessman is perhaps an understatement. The famed political donor is known as one of the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’, and now fresh accusations point to him as a diamond smuggler.

A report by The Sunday Times said the National Crime Agency (NCA), which is no stranger to Banks – it initiated a probe in 2018 into the source of the money he poured into the Leave campaign – is currently looking into allegations made by ex-business partner Chris Kimber about how illegally sourced [diamonds] from Zimbabwe and other locations were passed off as coming from Banks’ South African mines.



Britain’s Steve Bannon Is Tearing Boris Johnson’s Tories Apart

After Dominic Cummings enacts ‘do or die’ strategy, former PM John Major says the mastermind of 2016 Brexit vote must be fired.


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One of you is not telling the truth…

September 5, 2019

September 6, 2019

Ardboe High Cross (Ulster, Northern Ireland)

The king had great power but also great responsibility to ensure the prosperity of his people. Through his marriage on his inauguration to the goddess of the land, he was meant to guarantee her benevolence. He had to ensure the land was productive, so if the weather turned bad, or there was plague, cattle disease or losses in war, he was held personally responsible.


Beware of horses

I mean a horse is a horse of course, but who rides is important

Sitting high with a uniform, barking orders, demanding order

And I’m scared that I talk too much about what I think’s going on

I got away with this, they might drag me away for this

Put me in a cage for this, I might pay for this

I just say what I want like I’m made for this

But I’m just afraid some days I might be wrong

Maybe that’s why me and Mike get along

Hey, not from the same part of town, but we both hear the same sound coming


And it sounds like war


And it breaks our hearts

When I started this band, didn’t have no plans, didn’t see no arc

Just run with the craft, have a couple laughs

Make a buck and dash, yeah

Get a little dap like « Yeah I’m the fucking man! », yeah

Maybe give a little back like, « Here, I do what I can »

It’s all jokes and smoke ’till the truth start schemin’

Can’t contain the disdain for y’all demons

You talk clean and bomb hospitals

So I speak with the foulest mouth possible

And I drink like a Vulcan losing all faith in the logical

I will not be confused for docile

I’m free, motherfuckers, I’m hostile


Choose the lesser of the evil, people, and the devil still gon’ win

It could all be over tomorrow, kill our masters and start again

But we know we all afraid, so we just simply cry and march again

At the Dem Conven my heart broke apart when I seen them march mommas in

As I rap this verse right now, got tears flowing down my chocolate chin

Told the truth and I’ve been punished for it, must be a masochist ’cause I done it again

« Ooh, Mike said ‘uterus' »

They acting like Mike said, « You a bitch »

To everybody who wrote it, misquoted it

Mike says, « You a bitch, you a bitch, you a bitch »

Add a « nigga » for the black writer that started that sewer shit

I maneuver through manure like a slumdog millionaire

El-P told me, « Fuck them devils, Mike, we gon’ be millionaires »

I respond with a heavy « Yeah »

Big bruh says « Fuck that, toughen up

Stay ready, write raw raps, shit rugged rough »

The devil don’t sleep, us either

El spits fire, I spit ether

We the gladiators that oppose all Caesars

Coming soon on a new world tour

Probably play the score for the World War

At the apocalypse, play the encore

Turn around, see El, and I smile

Hell coming, and we got about a mile

Until it’s over I remain hostile

Mere mortals, the Gods coming so miss me with the whoopty-whoop

You take the devil for God, look how he doin’ you

I’m Jack Johnson, I beat a slave catcher snaggletooth

I’m Tiger Flowers with a higher power, hallelu’

Life’ll get so bad it feel like God mad at you

But that’s a feeling, baby, ever lose I refuse

I disabuse these foolish fools of they foolish views

I heard the revolution coming, you should spread the news

Garvey mind, Tyson punch, this is bad news

So feel me, follow me

Devil done got on top of me

Bad times got a monopoly

Give up, I did the opposite

Pitch perfect, I did it properly

Owner killed by his property


This life’ll stress you like Orson Welles on the radio

War after war of the world’ll make all your saneness go

And these invaders from Earth’re twerkin’ on graves you know

Can’t wait to load up the silos and make your babies glow

It’s so abusive you’ll beg somebody to roofie you

They’ll snatch your hope up and use it like it’s a hula-hoop

And it’s a loop, they talk to you just like their rulers do

These fuckin’ fools have forgotten just who been foolin’ who

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters (kill your masters !)

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters (come on)

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters (kill your masters !)


Killer children of men on the throne, roving with no atonement

Got me feeling like I’m Clive Owen rowing through a future frozen

The flow’s a burning wind, blowing to your coast

Now in cages ’cause we rode the waves of your explosions

Done appealing to our killers, man, to stop the bleedin’

This song’s a dirty bomb for they dirty dealings

Boots on the roof, I’m Charley Mingus dumping through the ceiling

Master P-in’ on these lost Europeans thievin’

Shit be grim, and De La born a reaper

Born in the beast, fixin’ feast and tearin’ its features

The world surges, the nation’s nervous

The crowds awaken, they can’t disperse us

We ain’t at their service

Won’t stay sedated

Won’t state our numbers for names and

Remaining faceless

We dignified, they can’t erase us

We ain’t asleep, we rope-a-dope through the flames

Man, the world gonna ride on what’s implied in the name

Run ’em


Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters (kill your masters !)

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters

Kill your, kill- kill your kill your, kill-

Kill your, kill- kill- kill your, kill-

Kill your masters (kill your masters !)


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Biden for dummies…

(would make a good slogan, by the way)

This is an unofficial transcript of yesterday’s The Late Show’s main interview.


Millionaire 1 : Welcome, Sir. Nice to see ya. Haven’t talked to ya in over a year… Well, not in front of a camera anyway. And then, of course, there’s those meetings between my staff and some guys over at the DNC. How’s Donna Brazile, by the way ?… But I digress… Wassup, doc ?

Millionaire 2 : Nothing much, things goin’ the same, uh, you know : there’s no global warming. I mean : I had some doubts at first. But then my old pal Andrew Goldman told me : come on, Joe. You know it’s a Chinese scam… With everything your son has been investing over there, you still think their coal is as clean as ours ? So, I said : okay, but what about gas emissions ? He said : what about them ? You know the US has become the n°1 fracking industry in the world. And that’s thanks to you. You, man ! Thanks ! Then I said : you’re not mad at me for suggesting we boost the nuclear industry, then ? That’s climate-friendly, isn’t it ? And he said : sure, look at Fukushima or Three-Mile Island ! I’m just kidding, buddy… Of course I’m okay with it, as long as you don’t forget us, huh… You’re probably right anyway : a few hundred “small modular nuclear reactors” will be terrific for the country, as well as for export, not to mention their waste. Once they’re spread all over the place, we’ll sure feel safe… climate-wise.

In other words, don’t worry about any of that, S. I mean : do I look like a fossil, huh ?

M1 : I don’t know… Do you ?

M2 : No way, man : I am in great shape, as is the nation, and the rest of the Muppet Show is looking at me with envy.

M1 : You once said to me : if you wanna be the most popular guy in America, announce you’re not running for president.

M2 : That’s exactly right… And look at how courageous I am. All for Wall Street, baby. Can’t let them down, can we ? I mean : look at my donors list, and it’s not even close to reality. I’ve got enough banks and dirty lawyers on there to create my own bespoke tranche opportunities, so that even Andrew, for instance, can finance me without anybody knowing…

M1 : Impressive ! Nonetheless, you’re still pretty darn popular…

M2 : Well, I guess they haven’t watched any of my crime-bill videos yet… at least not the colored ones, they haven’t. Hey, Batiste… How ya doin’, homie ? [Doin’, homie, hey…] They’re really the dumbest mofos of all, ‘specially the older ones. Every once in a while, I throw them a poisoned cookie, like with the “poor kids/white kids” thing. And they know I’m gonna cut social spending. Hell, I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and…

M1 : Well, we’re helping you a lot, you gotta admit, a whole lot… I mean : all the shit you’ve been saying, and all the obvious lies… Most of them swept under the rug… (for now)

M2 : Yeah, I gotta say Comcast, DreamWorks, Paramount, and the other major news networks are doing an excellent job at bringing the people the real news. I thank them for that.

M1 : When did you actually decide you were gonna run ?

M2 : Charlottesville. When those folks uh came out of the fields carrying torches, I remembered Strom telling me : “can we… can we all get along, can we… can we get along ?” And I realized things weren’t going to change very much with this president. That’s when I decided change would be the cornerstone of my campaign. Do we want another civil war ? We’ve got to restore the soul of this country, like we did for Ukraine. We need a future to believe in, you know…

Pulitzer-prize winner : A lot of people examined your candidacy and have said very specifically that the part of the appeal is to return to a pre-Trump normalcy. But do we want a pre-Trump normalcy, knowing that gave us Donald Trump. There were conditions, certain aspects of peoples’ lives, that led to wanting a Donald Trump, in addition to the extraordinary coverage he got from the legacy news media, and from us in particular, I mean the then-us. What would you change about America so that we don’t get another Donald Trump ?

M2 : Well, for starters, I swear to God, I really do, that, had I known the misery countless American families, many of them black, were gonna go through after the latest financial crisis, I would not have cozied up so much to my crooked friends in the credit-card industry. My donors list will make sure that doesn’t happen again when the next one hits.

And internationally, we’re in a situation in which we must again lead by the power of our example. By God, we are the United States of America. It’s time for us to lead the world again.

M1 : Why would voters necessarily care about Trump’s character and values ? It’s not like he came over as a choir boy during the last campaign, is it ? I think there are some voters who kinda want a jerk in office, the same people who wanted Cheney to walk on the dark side…

M2 : First of all, let’s agree on this : no decent man walks on the dark side. I mean, for real

Pulitzer-prize winner : There are your dubious friendships, there are your lies, and then there are your (sometimes calculated ?) gaffes, the list of which is pretty impressive. Pardon my asking, but are you going nuts ?

M2 : Go to Joe 30330… I don’t [deleted] Ya know, I I I I don’t get wrong things like uh ya know there is uh we should lock kids up in cages… unless they’re using marijuana ! I don’t make any gaffes when peoples’ lives are at stake. When they’re being sent to jail for years or even decades for no reason at all thanks to my crime bill, it’s my true, rational self speaking…

M1 : would you appoint Rabrack as a Supreme-Court Justice ? After all, he’s a constitutional scholar who likes drones and ratified section 1021 of the NDAA

M2 : I’d appoint Michelle… Just kidding. Hey, Michelle, if you’re watching, K-I-D-D-I-N-G ! She doesn’t have a great sense of humor, you know… You need to explain everything to her… Jesus !

M1 : You know there are other candidates running who are a lot more progressive than you, and they have ambitious social-welfare plans. Why should people in distress vote for you ?

M2 : Well, you know, I’m a true winner : I’m not even thinking about getting a majority in Congress. I know it’s a lost cause. So, we’re going to have to talk with the NSDAP-Reps one way or another. Domestically, when it comes to anything other than crime, I’m also a minimalist, and, by reaching out to the enemy, I managed to pass minimalist legislation. However minimalist, that doesn’t mean it will happen again, though…

Putlizer-prize winner : if, say, Bernie wins the primary, will you endorse him without hesitation and rally with him across the country like he did with you-know-who in 2016 ?

M1 : Well, thanks, buddy. Give my regards to Hunter…

M2 : Will do.

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