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From Václav to Bureš…

l’une des nombreuses manifs à Prague pour la démission de Babis

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Yeah, huh, YouTube, about that…

How likely is it for ‘likely’ to have any legal value whatsoever ? For instance, does it mean the following video would be taken down ?

If so, does this mean the legacy media will no longer be able to obtain and purchase footage of events they haven’t covered themselves ?

And that the judiciary, assuming it wants to, won’t be able to use said footage against the perpetrators of those “violent acts” ? In Paris, Ferguson or anywhere ?…

What became of “likely” ? And how will YouTube determine the “intent” ?

The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.


Glorification ? Is YouTube going to censor all the famous – and less famous – writers who’ve covered the topic ? Should we soon expect digital book burnings ? And what to make of future Mohamed Bouazizis ?

Are you kidding me ? Is YouTube going puritan the way Facebook has been ?!

Is this humiliation ? By which criteria does YouTube determine whether it was deliberate ? Does “someone” include public figures ? If so, is YouTube rehabilitating the concept of ‘crime of lèse-majesté’ ? Would YouTube “strike” an ordinary citizen for what it deems acceptable coming from a late-show host ?

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EXCLUSIVE: To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them

Faiz Shakir

Jul 31, 2008


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Western identity and reasonable concessions…



Another main theme discussed at the meeting was the nature of a basis of reconciliation for the ideological differences between the West and China in a global order in which countries are gradually tied to each other with stronger bonds in terms of trade and technology.


Bruno Le Maire, current French minister of Finance








Even the Orwellian nightmare unfolding in Xinjiang has its parallels elsewhere, such as with the recent revelations that in the US, the New Orleans Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been working with Peter Thiel’s company Palantir Technologies (which also has connections with the CIA and the Pentagon) to experiment with ‘predictive policing’ based on data collected from police databases, social media, and elsewhere (Fang 2018; Winston 2018). Taken together, these developments reveal a vision of a digital future where we are all locked in a continuous and banal system of monitoring, accounting, categorizing, and tracking—which has potential far reaching consequences for those who challenge the hegemony in any way, or even just for those who do not have the resources or capacity to participate in the socioeconomic system on the terms mandated.




Milo, CEO M&M Enterprises (« Catch-22 »)

Bilderberg, Montreux (CH) venue, 2019

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When the fascists come out of their closets…

What is the matter with you, silly old cow ?! Has your milk turned sour ? I think we can all agree quite a few centuries must have passed since that worn out pancake between your legs was watered by anything other than your piss, can’t we ? That smell, Widdecombe, that smell, for God’s sake ! Do you realize what position you’ve put me in ? Even in the God-forsaken colonies, any such statement would have been synonymous with instant resignation, wouldn’t it ? While you’re at it, grow a Chaplin-moustache, why don’t you ?! Don’t you agree, Mr. Creedy ?… Yours is an opinion only if one considers the next logical step, namely reeducation camps for the inverted, to be one as well. I, for one, intend to keep defending individual human rights till my last breath. Because I’ve got a sense of history and I remember what curable people like Turing did for this Sacred Country. And, unlike you, I don’t have the charisma of a damp rag. Now, I know it must have been hard for your sorry black hole to endure Colin’s willy’s repetitive tokens of affection. But get a grip, will you, girl !

As soon as you realize intelligence and finesse – which you both lack as well – can still make you desirable, my Brexit-Johnson will feel a lot better. Or would you rather the MI5 dig into our perverted sex lives ?! You’d better believe me when I tell you the Lord is watching you, Widdecombe. And I won’t tolerate any more trespasses, you hear ?! My magic stick will turn you into sand if I hear any more of your moos. My fa-rage shall know no boundaries ! It’s all a matter of timing, you see. And I am the clock master. For I and I alone stand for the achievement of our beloved Second Reich…


That’s how the clown we’re used to would have handled the old cow’s fascistic tendencies. Instead, she chose to be a sissy…

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A dream, you had ?

Noam Chomsky : “It seems to me, from the little we know about such matters, that a new society rises out of the actions that are taken to form it, and the institutions and the ideology it develops are not independent of those actions; in fact, they’re heavily colored by them, they’re shaped by them in many ways. And one can expect that actions that are cynical and vicious, whatever their intent, will inevitably condition and deface the quality of the ends that are achieved. Now, again, in part this is just a matter of faith. But I think there’s at least some evidence that better results follow from better means. […]

Hannah Arendt : “I very much agree with Mr. Chomsky’s assertion that the nature of new societies is affected by the nature of the actions that bring them into being. And our experiences with such new societies are, of course, by no means encouraging. […]


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Yeah sure, why not…

So, what we’re gonna do this week is this : we’re going to glorify an infamous dictator who named himself president of his country for life, we’re going to make a rebel out of him, make him hip, and turn him into a credible Communist alternative to Soviet totalitarianism without ever mentioning the alternative was totalitarian as well. And we’re gonna do this not as comedians or satirists, but with the respectability of award-winning journalists.

But we’re not gonna stop there : to talk about it, we’re going to invite one of said alternative‘s strongest proponents, who also happens to be one of Varoufakis’ pets, the same Varoufakis who, as far as he’s concerned, is so deeply aligned with his donors he, in a Guardian op-ed, recommended freezing any highly hypothetical new tax on the (super)rich until “hope in a Europe of shared, green prosperity is restored”, whatever hope may mean in a snake pit and however long that takes…

So, all while ringing the alarm bell about Trump’s possible infringement of his constitutional term limits, and while insisting on the need for journalists to most accurately inform their audiences, we are basically going to advocate a form of authoritarianism we will however never present as such, and we are more or less going to equate a dictator with a mushy new-wave Social-Democrat, literally indoctrinating the low-educated among our listeners and pissing in their faces in the process, while bringing the others, like any good cult would do, in a state of mental confusion that will prompt them to react vigorously the way they would to any emotionally charged social-media post, that is to say with anger and triggered frustration. Yeah, turns out we’re not better than Twitter after all…

And why are we going to do this ? Because we can, fool, and because, in the end, IT’S ALL THE FUCKING SAME ! MAGA !


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Over taqiya gesproken…

Opjagen. Op z’n Darwiniaans. Of, beter gezegd, à la Spencer. Dat kunnen ze wel. En laten we eerlijk zijn : ze kunnen niet veel anders. Ze kennen geen andere taal. Omdat opjagen het beste in een mens naar boven brengt, uiteraard. Omdat cultuur als eerste doel heeft om de natuur na te apen. En omdat je nooit weet waartoe denken – laat staan mediteren – kan leiden, hoe gevaarlijk het wel kan zijn voor je zelfzekerheid (of net het omgekeerde). Niet eens een parameter zijn in je eigen leven, zo hoort dat. Omdat je deel uitmaakt van een Geheel, hoe fragmentair en bedrieglijk ook. En omdat daar niet over nagedacht, laat staan gediscussieerd, hoeft te worden. Enkel meelopen in het zinloze maakt zin.

Diversiteit is de vijand. Daar dient komaf mee gemaakt te worden, wil men ooit allen samen – of ongeveer – de Heilige Eenheid bereiken, en zo uit de pensée unique geraken. Wat een masturbatie, zeg : ongelooflijk toch hoe die mensen met zichzelf bezig zijn (en ook weer niet)… Nur wir ist. Ich ist nicht. Aber ich soll ihnen führen ! Pensée unique tegen pensée unique in spe… Want aan een veelsoortigheid aan pensées uniques parce qu’originales lijkt niemand nog een boodschap te hebben : opnieuw zegeviert het Gezag in al zijn frauduleuze pracht… Toeval of niet, voeg er nog een klinker aan toe, en daar komt het gezaag, met andere woorden de extase…

Oordeelt niet, opdat gij niet geoordeeld wordt” is achterwege gelaten in de standaardtaal van de gemiddelde bourgeois in onze contreien. Tja, waar zouden ze nog over kunnen blaffen als ze zich niet meer met andermans leven zouden mogen bemoeien ? Ook de leegheid heeft substantie nodig, welke ze bij zichzelf haast onmogelijk kan vinden. Want, hoe je het ook draait of keert, substance is the essence, isn’t it ?

Niettemin, al staat gezag dus centraal, zelfs dat moet op iets berusten :

1/ In hoeverre stemt wat je verkondigt overeen met wat je werkelijk doet ?

2/ In welke mate kan je eigen parcours getuigen van waar je voor beweert te staan en, desgevallend, wat je aan anderen probeert op te leggen ?

3/ Hoezeer kan iemand op je woord rekenen, voor zover je het ongedwongen geeft ?

4/ Welke waarde hecht je zelf aan je eigen woord ?

Deze vier vragen zijn zeker geen waarborg voor een gezonde wereldvisie : de Christchurch-psychopaat had ze waarschijnlijk op een eerlijke manier kunnen beantwoorden, en toch is hij niet meer dan een hoop stront. Maar laten we zeggen dat ze de basis vormen van de geloofwaardigheid die men iemand kan toekennen. En wanneer zelfs die ontbreekt is de stront echt overvloedig…



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